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MSN Chapter 5

Chronic illness and Older Adults

young-old adult 65-74 yrs of age
old-old adult 85+ yrs
frail older adult 75+ yrs old and has physical, cognitive, or mental dysfunctions that may interfere with independently performing ADLs
ageism a negative attitude based on age
age associated memory impairment when older adults experience memory lapses or benign forgetfulness
rural older adults and 5 barriers to healthcare access 1. transportation 2. limited supply of healthcare workers and facilities 3. lack of quality of healthcare 4. social isolation 5. financial limitations
homeless older adults Factors associated with homelessness: 1. having a low income 2. having reduced cognitive capacity 3. living alone 4. living in a community that lacks affordable housing
ethnogeriatric specialty area of providing culturally competent care to older adults
Elder mistreatment intentional acts of omission or commission by a caregiver or trusted other that cause harm or serious risk of harm to a vulnerable older adult
Medicare federally funded health insurance program for people ages 65+, and for people under the age of 65 with certain disabilities and people of any age with end stage kidney disease requiring dialysis or a kidney transplant
Medicaid a state administered, needs- based program to assist eligible low-income people, including medicare beneficiaries, with certain medical expenses
Gerontologic nursing care of older adults based on the specialty body of knowledge of gerontology and nursing
SPICES Sleep disorders Problems with eating or feeding Incontinence Confusion Evidence of falls Skin breakdown
7 tasks of people with chronic illness 1. prevent and manage a crisis 2. carry out prescribed treatment regimen 3. control symptoms 4. reorder time 5. adjust to changes in course of disease 6. prevent social isolation 7. attempt to normalize interactions with others
chronic illness diseases that are prolonged, do not resolve spontaneously, and are rarely cured completely
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