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Sci Explosion ch 2

Science Explosion v4, chapter 2

carbonic acid A weak acid formed from water and carbon dioxide
deflation The action of the wind blowing and picking up loose sediment and carrying it away
delta The area at the mouth of a river where sediment is deposited
deposition This occurs when wind, water, or ice drops sediment and rocks in a new location.
dust storms Storms caused by wind blowing small, loose particles high into the air
erosion The action of weathered material moving from one location to another
glaciers Ice formations formed where layers of unmelted snow compact into ice
humus Decayed organic material found in soil
load The sediment that a stream carries
loam Soil that has properties of all three soil particles-sand, silt, and clay
mass movement Erosion that occurs where gravity is the primary factor
moraine The pile of sediment deposited by a glacier as it melts and recedes
pedologist A scientist who studies soil
plucking The action of a glacier pulling a huge piece of bedrock loose as the glacier slides down a mountain
sandstorms Storms caused by wind blowing sand particles along the ground
sediment Small particles produced by the weathering of rocks
soil The loose material at the surface of the earth
stalactites A cave formation that hangs from the ceiling of a cave; made from the dripping of dissolved calcite
stalagmites A cave formation that builds on the floor of a cave; made from the drippings of dissolved calcite
texture The amount of each kind of particle in a soil sample
weathering The process of breaking down rocks
Created by: marchscience
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