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Science 17 and 18


cell most basic unit of all living things
function a job that an organ does
Ribosome and mitochonderia are types of... organelles
eukaryote organism that has a nucleus
tissue group of cells that work together to perform a function
cell wall only found in plant cells it keeps the cell together
organ group of tissues that perfrom a specific function
What are the benefits of being multi-cellular longer life, larger siaze, and specialized cells
nucleus in a eukaryotic cell it is where the DNA is kept
What are the three parts of cell theory... 1. all cells come from others cell 2. all living things are made from cells 3. cells are basic unit of life
what does the surface area-to-volume ratio of cell limits... size of cell
what are the 4 levels of living things... cells,tissues, organs, organ systems
cytoskeleton web of proteins in cytoplasm that keeps the cell membrane from collapsing
Endoplasmic Reticulum makes proteins and other materials
Golgi Comlplex packageas and transprts things in and out of the cell
Do all organisms have organ systems? no
osmosis like diffusion except it deals with only water
diffusion the proccess where molecules move from high concentration to low concetration areas
feedback mechanism cycle of events where the step is controlled by info fromt the previous step
cellular respiration oxygen is used to break down food
fermintation no oxygen is used to break down food
The proccess where particles move through a membrane from a region of high concentration to a region of low concentration is... active transport
Are exocytosis and endocytosis examples of active transport or passive transport? active transport
What structures are needed for photosynthesis to occur? chloroplasts
cellular respiration what is needed for it to occur? mitochonderia
What are the three phases of the eukaryotic cell cycle? interphase, mitosis, cytokinesis
chlorophyll traps light and is used to produce food for plants
chloroplasts food for plants is made here
Chromosomes guidlines for what the cell should do. Part of the DNA
ER makes lipids etc.
Lysosome breaks down food
Ribosomes make proteins and are found on the outside of half of the ER
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