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Comp 14

Chapter 2

biennial inventory DEA-registered pharmacies are required by law to take an initial inventory of all controlled substances on hand upon commencing operations or upon change in ownership, with subsequent inventories conducted every two years thereafter.
child-resistant packaging Child-resistant packaging is used for hazardous products such as prescription amd over-the-counter drugs and household products to reduce the risk of children ingesting dangerous items by adding caps that children will have difficulty opening.
controlled substances Drugs or chemical substances whose possession and use are regulated under the Federal Controlled Substances Act and by state controlled substance laws and regulations. Controlled substances are subject to stricter controls than other drugs.
drug enforcement administrayion (DEA) The federal agency that administers and enforces federallaws for controlled substances such as narcotics and other dangerous drugs and illegal substances. The DEA is part of the US Department of Justice.
initial inventory The inventry a pharmacy takes of its stock of controlled substances upon beginning the dispensing or distribution of controlled substances.
legend drug A drug that is required by federal law to be dispenced by prescription only. It is the older term for drugs that are now identified as "Rx only".
practice of pharmacy The practice of pharmacy is regulated by each state through its pharmacy laws and regulations, meaning the responsibilities that pharmacists are permitted to perform in the state
prescription monitoring programs Programs inplemented by the states pusuant to state laws and regulations to collect and analize informationrecived from pharmacies about prescriptions dispenced in the state to help identify and investigate improper dispensing and use of Rx drugs.
regulations Rules issued by an administratuve or governmental agency that establish the requirements that must be followed.
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