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Mental Health

Card 1 HNN222 What is mental health? A state of well-being in which individual realizes their potential, can cope with the normal stresses, can work productively and fruitfully, and can contribute to their community.
Card 2 HNN222 What is Mental Illness? Within a clinical context, mental illness can be defined as a clinically recognizable set of symptoms relating to mood, thought, cognition or behavior that is associated with distress and interference with functioning
Card 3 HNN222 Discuss concepts such as stereotyping and stigma as they relate to mental illness A mind-set in which every person with a mental health issue is the same and is insane, aggressive, and unable to function normally. Stigma and discrimination create social isolation and inhibit their overall functioning.
Card 4 HNN222 Describe the key elements of mental health nursing practice 1: Acknowledge diversity in culture, beliefs, & don’t discriminate. 2: Establish collaborative partnerships that support those with a mental illness. 3: Develop a respectful therapeutic relationship building hope and resilience to promote recovery. 4:
Card 5 HNN222 List the various Mental Health Settings Within General Hospitals Inpatient Psychiatric Units Child & Adolescent MH Services Aged Persons MH Services Community MH Settings & Outpatients Mobile support and outpatient Crisis assessment and treatment teams ECATT –ED Based CATT Consultation
Card 6 HNN222 Discuss person-centered care as it applies to mental health nursing Focus on individual needs, respecting patient choices/beliefs/goals, provision of high quality goal directed, care tailored to individual needs.
Card 7 HNN222 What are the essential skills and knowledge required in mental health nursing? Examples: • Listening, • Counseling, • Interpersonal/therapeutic • Communication skills, • Physical assessment and care, • Observation, • Assessment, • Support, • Crisis intervention, • Reflective practice
Card 8 HNN222 What is a ‘therapeutic relationship?’ Potential answers: purposeful, goal driven relationship between nurse and patient that aims to support the patient in their recovery
Card 9 HNN222 What are the core elements of a therapeutic relationship? Potential answers: • Trust, • Respect, • Empathy, • Collaboration, • Listening, • Validating, • Communication, • Boundaries