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Bio Test 3

Liver Produces bile to help digest fat, and serves other metabolic and regulatory functions.
Small Intestine Digests proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Absorbs most of the water and nutrients. Secretes digestive hormones and enzymes.
Urine production Filtration- Anything that is small enough moves from the blood to the nephron. Reabsorption- Needed substances move from the filtrate to the blood. Secretion- Active transport of waste to urine.
Urine production takes place in the... Kidneys
Rods Photoreceptors responsible for black-and-white vision in dim light.
Cones Photoreceptors responsible for color vision and high visual acuity.
Action potentials Electrical impulses used to communicate
Protein that oxygen binds to Hemoglobin
Most Carbon Dioxide is carried in the blood by this method Bicarbonate
Spot of gas exchange Alveoli
Parasympathetic and Sympathetic are in the Autonomic division
Type of nerve carries out nervous system outputs Motor neurons
Types of receptors Mechanoreceptors, Thermoreceptors, Pain receptors, Chemoreceptors, Photoreceptors
The eye is a little longer than usual, what condition would this cause Myopia
The muscle that allows more or less light in Cillary muscles
Five basic processes to accomplish digestive system function Mechanical processing and movement. Secretion. Digestion. Absorption. Elimination.
Transports urine to the bladder Ureters