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团圆 tuán yuán family reunion
滋味 zī wèi a taste; a flavor; (a) relish; (a) savour
洁白 jié bái spotlessly white
沐浴 mù yù to take a bath
庭院 tíng yuàn a courtyard; a court; a yard; a garden
月饼 yuè bǐng moon cake
楼顶 lóu dǐng top of a building
客厅 kè tīng a sitting room; a living room
品尝 pǐn cháng taste
家家户户 jiā jiā hù hù each and every family
端午节 duān wǔ jié the Dragon Boat Festival
粽子 zòng zi a pyramid-shaped mass of glutinous rice wrapped in leaves
香又黏 xiāng yòu nián savoury and glutinous
好运 hǎo yùn good luck
元宵(节) yuán xiāo (jié) 1.dumplings served especially for the occasion made from glutinous rice flour and stuffed with sweet fillings 2.the Lantern Festival
汤圆 tāng yuán stuffed dumplings made of glutinous rice flour served in soup
滑又圆 huá yòu yuán round and smooth
咸味 xián wèi saline taste
蝌蚪 kē dǒu a tadpole
眼巴巴 yǎn bā bā 1.eagerly (looking forward to 2.helplessly (watching)
热烘烘 rè hōng hōng very warm
冷飕飕 lěng sōu sōu chilly
肉馅 ròu xiàn meat stuffing
场地 chǎng dì a place; a field
除夕 chú xì New Year's Eve
饺子 jiǎo zi dumpling
年年有馀 nián nián yǒu yú (may you) have abundance year after year
招生 zhāo shēng to enroll new students
财产 cái chǎn fortune; wealth
宝物 bǎo wù treasure
滑动 huá dòng [Physics] to slide; to glide; to slip
顺利 shùn lì smooth going; successfully
发财 fā cái to become rich; to make money
长寿 cháng shòu longevity; macrobiosis; long life
盆栽 pén zāi growing plants in pots
吉利 jí lì auspicious; propitious
榨汁 zhà zhī juice
寿命 shòu mìng a life-span; a life
拜拜 bài bài to worship (the gods)
萝卜 luó bo radish
凤梨 fèng lí pineapple
Created by: yochen860
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