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Mendelian Genetics

Terms and Notes

Blending Inheritance Aristotelian idea that offspring are not always an intermediate blend of their parents characteristics
Particular Inheritance Mendelian idea that characters are determined by the discrete units that inherited intact through the generations
Self To fertilize eggs with sperm from the same individual
Cross The deliberate mating of two parental types of organisms in genetic analysis
Character Specific property of organism
Pure line a population that breeds true for a particular characteristic being studied && shows no variation
Character forms phenotype
Plants from pure lines are known as... parental generation
First progeny generation.... first filial generation
Mendel deductive reasons featured the following five explanations 1. existence of genes 2. Genes are in pairs 3. Principles of Segregation 4. Gametic Content 5. Random Fertilization
Individuals represented by A/a are called.... heterozygotes
Individuals in pure lines... homozygotes
Genetic constitution of individual is also known as... genotype
Properties of phenotype dominant and recessive
Progeny with one gene forms... monohybrids
A/a and A/a monohybrid cross
Dihybrid A/a B/b crossed with A/a B/b
Hexavalent Chromium Treatment Steps A. Use 0.2 N sulfuric acid and a pH meter to adjust solution to pH 1.0. B. Solution transferred to 100 mL volumetric flask C. Dilute to 100 mL D. 2 ml of diphenylcarbazide solution, mix and let stand or full color development
Sources of taste and odor contamination are: 1. Raw water sources 2. Intake Structures 3. Treatment Plants 4. Chlorination Stations 5. Water Storage Tanks 6. Distribution Systems 7. Consumer Plumbing
Iron Interference Strong Oxidizing Agent such as cyanide, nitrite, and phosphates,
Iron Preservation In a plastic or glass container for 6 month
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