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Law Exam 2015

1. Human rights make the process quicker AMENDMENT
2. Sentence results in a finding of guilt ABSOLUTE
3. Someone is threatened or coerced DURESS
4. Harassed by police to purchase illegal drugs ENTRAPMENT
5. How long may you wait to file a human rights complaint ONE
6. Caused by prolonged domestic violence BATTERED WOMAN SYNDROME
7. Step in analyzing a human rights case REMEDY
8. Case that defined BWS in Canada LAVALLEE
9. Purposes of sentencing REHABILITATION
10. Isn’t something you can be discriminated against for RACE
11. A person being attacked with a weapon SELF DEFENCE
12. Involuntary action by a person who cannot control AUTOMATISM
13. The surcharge is ___% of the fine FIFTEEN
14. Arguing that the accused was not at the scene ALIBI
15. Payments made to victims RESTITUTION
16. Insane Automatism MENTAL DISORDER
17. Man speeds to get his wife to a hospital NECESSITY
18. Opinions of someone based on their heritage PREJUDICE
19. Accused knows that counterfeit money is illegal MISTAKE OF FACT
20. Non-insane Automatism SLEEPWALKING
21. Compelling employers to resign NOT POSSIBLE
22. Person is returned to their country DEPORTATION
23. Only reduces the sentence for the crime PROVOCATION
24. Non-custodial punishment for a crime CONDITIONAL
25. Interviewing with a human AGENT
26. Requires liquor license to be physically returned PRIVILEGE
1. A preliminary hearing is connected to INDICTABLE
2. Cannot serve on a jury POLITICIANS
3. Failure of a witness to appear CONTEMPT
4. The judge is the trier of LAW
5. Offends the prevalent mortality OBSCENITY
6. Be exempt from jury duty MEDICAL
7. No prescription Quaalude’s are part of schedule THREE
8. Results in a maximum 5 years imprisonment CANNABIS
9. Establishes that the defendant is the type of person CHARACTER
10. Person responsible for the jury SHERIFF
11. Intent crime, both theft and a form of violence ROBBERY
12. Treating someone differently based on their heritage DISCRIMINATION
13. Responsible for formulating criminal law FEDERAL
14. Canada base their human rights legislation on DECLARATION
15. Witness’s statement based on being an expert OPINION
16. Court hears cases involving the federal government FEDERAL
17. Cocaine trafficking LIFE (IMPRISONMENT)
18. Is illegal in Canada DISCRIMINATION
19. Testimony by a witness to prove an alleged fact DIRECT
20. Form of theft in which an employee diverts money EMBEZZLEMENT
21. Supreme court Canada number Ontario THREE
22. The person who receives sexual services JOHN
23. Fine for being in possession of Anabolic Steroids $1000
24. Cocaine, Ketamine, Heroin (SCHEDULE) ONE
25. A jury that can’t reach a verdict HUNG
1. Parents were told of trial date DELINQUENTS ACT
2. Youth commit a violent crime to be tried as adults YCJA
3. Age 12-17 inclusive YOUNG OFFENDERS
4. Causes damage by fire ARSON
5. First time have the right to retain to counsel without delay YOA
6. 1908 – 1984 DELINQUENTS ACT
7. Maximum fine a youth can receive is $1000 OFFENDERS
8. Taking something from someone else THEFT
9. No sentence consistency JDA
10. 2008 – 2014 YCJA
11. Age of consent for sexual activity SIXTEEN
12. Premeditated FIRST DEGREE
13. Stolen fraudulent property CRIME
14. Crime of passion SECOND DEGREE
15. Act of dishonestly affecting the price FRAUD
16. Age 7-16-18 DELINQUENTS ACT
17. Accidental homicide MANSLAUGHTER
18. Parents to their child engage in sexual activity PROCURING
19. Assault with intent to murder AGGRAVATED
20. Offences encompassed behaviour including immorality JDA
21. Steven Truscott JDA
22. Parents had no right to attend trial JUVENILES
23. On indictment not exceeding ten years BODILY HARM
24. First piece that Charter or rights applies to YOA
25. The intent to break into a building BURGLARY
1. State to act as a surrogate parent PARENS PATRIAE
3. Police may talk to the young person YOUTH CRIMINAL
4. Respect the needs of aboriginal youth YCJA
5. A critical vacuum JUVENILES
6. Death penalty for youth JDA
7. Private trial JDA
8. Not responsible for your actions DOLI INCAPAX
9. Long-term protection of society JUVENILE
10. Those ages 12-17 charged under Controlled Drugs Act YOUTH CRIMINAL
11. No right to lawyer DELINQUENTS
12. Offences for which adults could not be charged TRUANCY
13. A justice system for delinquent youths JDA
14. Youth must wear an electronic device JUSTICE ACT
15. Neglected children not with adult criminals JDA
16. Promoting accountability and consequences YCJA
17. A sentence of up to ten years for first-degree murder YOA
Created by: sarahaider7


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