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NYS LE Topic 8 and 9

NYS Living Environment Curriculum: Scientific Inquiry and Lab Skills

Assumption a belief that something is true. It is made more on opinion that scientific knowledge
Bias when our personal opinions affect assumptions we make
Conclusion the decision you come to regarding your hypothesis after looking at all the data. Were you right or wrong and why?
Control things that stay constant so that your experimental observations have something to be compared to
Data observations and measurements gathered during the tests (trials) an experiment
Dependent variable (goes on the Y axis) the data that changes based on other set changes that are occurring
Evidence support for an idea that helps prove that it is true
Experiment a test designed to proof or disprove a hypothesis
Hypothesis a prediction regarding the results of an experiment. (what you think will happen)
Independent variable (goes on the X axis) changes independently of any other changes occurring in an experiment
Chromatography a vertical way to separate parts of a mixture; involves putting a dot of the substance on the bottom of paper and then putting the paper in a solvent (like water) so the mixture’s pieces move UP the paper. The smallest particles move farthest.
Dichotomous key a series of steps including descriptions of an organism. Each step has 2 possible directions to go at the end, until you are able to identify the organism by name.
Gel electrophoresis separates DNA fragments by size; used to determine who is related to who, or who committed a crime
Indicator a substance that changes color when mixed with other chemicals
How to make a wet mount slide put a drop water on a slide, add a small specimen, then lower a coverslip from a 90*angle.
Created by: etucci