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Psych Drugs

Psych Drugs Test 1

Generation and/or Classification: Chlorpromazine Conventional Antipscyhotic
Generation and/or Classification: Fluphenazine Conventional Antipscyhotic
Generation and/or Classification: Thioridazine Conventional Antipscyhotic
Generation and/or Classification: Haloperidol Conventional Antipscyhotic
Generation and/or Classification: Loxapine Conventional Antipscyhotic
Generation and/or Classification: Clozapine Second Generation Antipsychotic
Generation and/or Classification: Risperidone Second Generation Antipsychotic
Generation and/or Classification: Olanzapine Second Generation Antipsychotic
Generation and/or Classification: Aripiprazole Third Generation Antipsychotic
Name two long-lasting injectable antipsychotics Haldol and Proloxin
What is an atypical D2 blocker (antipsychotic)? Clozapine
What is acute dystonia treated with? anticholinergics
Most antipsychotics block ____ receptors. D2
What are some benefits of Clozaril? Weak D2 blocker. Lower incidence of EPS. Inhibit reuptake of serotonin and help treat depression of schizophrenia.
What is Pseudoparkinsonism treated with? Change antipsychotic or give anticholinergic.
What is Akathisia treated with? Change med or add beta blocker, anticholinergic, or benzodiazapine.
How is NMS treated? Discontinue meds and treat symptoms
How is tardive diskinesia treated? None. Decrease or discontinue meds can arrest progression.
Subjective need or desire to move. Not a pattern or type of movement. Akathisia
Often experienced as fatigue, lack of interest, slowness, heaviness, lack of drive or ambition, or vague bodily discomforts. Can be confused with depression. Akinesia
Coordinated, involuntary, rhythmic movement of trunk and limbs Dyskinesias
Uncoordinated, often on-sided, spastic jerking of head, neck, face, eyes, tongue, torso, arm/leg muscles Dystonias
Who led crusde to reform treatment and opened 32 mental hospitals? Dorothy Dix
First person to start classifying disorders Kraeplin
Who was responsible for interpersonal dimension; therapeutic client/nurse relationship? Peplau
Who was responsible for focus on client's psychosocial needs and strengths? Mellow
Who was the first American psych nurse? Also, organized education in state hospitals? Linda Richards
What class of drugs interact with serotonin and norepinephrine, regulate mood, arousal, attention, sensory processing, and appetite? Antidepressants
What are three groups of antidepressants? TCA, SSRI, MAOI
Anticholinergic, orthostatic hypotension, lethargy, sedation, wt gain, tachycardia, sexual dysfunction, and gynecomastia are all side effects of what groups of drugs? TCAs
TCAs are contraindicated in what people? Pregnancy, breastfeeding, recent MI, and liver/kidney disease.
What kind of drugs should you use with caution in people with asthma, CV disorders, BPH, glaucoma, and hyperthyroidism? TCAs
What drug group blocks reuptake of norepinephrine and to some degree serotonin? Effective in 4-6 weeks TCAs
Group of drugs that treat agoraphobia, borderline personality, OCD, panic disorder, and schizoaffective disorder? TCAs
Class of drug: Amitriptyline Antidepressant
Class of drug: Bupropion Antidepressant
Class of drug: Fluxotine Antidepressant
Class of drug: Mirtazapine Antidepressant
Class of drug: Paroxetine Antidepressant
Class of drug: Sertaline HCL Antidepressant
Class of drug: Trazadone Antidepressant
Class of drug: Venlafaxine HCL Antidepressant
What group of drugs block serotonin? SSRI
What are the 1st line treatment drugs for depression? SSRIs
How long does it take a SSRI to become effective? 2-3 weeks
Use caution with anticoagulants. Prothrombin times monitored. Theophylline and xanax reduced. SSRI
Teach clients not to take ________, __________, and ________ when on SSRI. Valium, alcohol, and tryptophan
S/S agitation, sweating, fever, tachycardia, hypotension, rigidity, and hyperreflexia. Coma or death in extreme cases. Serotonin Syndrome
NEVER give _____+______! MAOI + SSRI
When should SSRI and TCAs be taken? SSRI first thing in morning and TCA at night.
If dose of SSRI or TCA, what amount of time should action be taken? SSRI: Up to 8 hours after missed dose. TCA within 3 hours of missed dose.
Foods containing _________ should be avoided when taking MAOI. Tyramine
What type of drug is Marplan? MAOI
What type of drug is Nardil? MAOI
What type of drug is Parnate? MAOI
Name of drug that can cause liver damage, failure, and toxicity. Serzone
Certain drug that causes 4x the rate of seizures Bupropion
Created by: mreedy