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Majors animal: Anatomy of a roundworm (matching)

Mouth Ingestion of food
Pharynx Muscular region of digestive tract that "pumps" food through the mouth and into the intestine
Intestine Ribbonlike digestive tract where absorption of nutrients occurs
Anus Elimination of indigestible wastes (egesion)
Lateral lines Longitudinal canals that function as the excretory system of the roundworm, releasing nitrogenous wastes in the form of ammonia and urea
Pseudocoelom Body cavity lined on the inside by a layer of gastrodermis and on the outside by a layer of mesoderm
Testis Produces sperm
Vas deferens Stores mature sperm and transports them to seminal vesicle
Seminal vesicle Enlarged tube representing terminal portion of male reproductive tract, which transports mature sperm out of the nematode
Genital pore Point of entry for sperm and opening through which fertilized ova are released from the body
Vagina Terminal portion of female reproductive tract, which receives sperm from males and directs ova through genital pore
Branched uterus Site where developing ova mature before being released
Oviduct Repository for ova produced in ovary until fertilization
Ovary Produces ova
Created by: scandalouscanine