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Majors animal: Anatomy of a tapeworm

Scolex Anterior end of a tapeworm; lacks sensory structures but possesses modifications for attachment to intestinal wall of host
Hooks and suckers Modified structures on scolex for attachment to host
Neck Constricted portion signifying posterior end of scolex; marks the site of origin of immature proglottids
Immature proglottid Newly produced segment of the tapeworm that has undeveloped reproductive organs
Excretory canals Longitudinal channels running along the outer margins of the body that deliver metabolic waste products out of the tapeworm
Mature proglottid Tapeworm segment that has functional reproductive organs
Yolk gland and yolk duct Ova are combined with yolk and shelled before passing to the uterus
Uterus Shelled, fertilized ova are stored here until proglottid drops off of tapeworm body
Ovary Produces ova
Vagina Point of entry into female reproductive tract through which sperm travel to reach ova; joins with the genital pore
Testes Produce sperm
Vas deferens Canal through which sperm pass as they exit the proglottid through the genital pore
Genital pore External opening common to the male and female reproductive tracts of the tapeworm; sperm exit and enter proglottids through this opening
Gravid proglottid Tapeworm segment containing ripe fertilized ova; this segment is ready to drop off the tapeworm body and be eliminated from the host in feces
Created by: scandalouscanine