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Bio Psychology 1

First Theorized that thoughts and ideas come from the brain && while others at the time are thought the heart and stomach Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.)
Fluid that cushions the brain Cerebrospinal Fluid
Blocks Drugs and Toxins Blood Brain Barrier
Central Nervous System Consists of... Brain and Spinal Cord
Connects Brain to the rest of the body Spinal Cord
Main organ of the nervous system Brain
Glial Cells Structural Support For Neurons. insulate neurons, nourish neurons, remove waste products
Act as communicators of the nervous system Neurons
Cell Body Soma
A highly branched fibers that reach out from the neuron which receive information from other neurons or from sense organs Dendrite
A single long fiber that extends from the neuron is called The Axon
A single long fiber that extends from the neuron is called The Axon
Junction Between Axon of one neuron and the cell body or dendrite of a neighboring neuron is known as Synapse
Chemicals that can cross over to neighboring neurons and activate them... Neurotransmitters.
Positively and Negatively Charged Atoms And Molecules are known as... Ions
All Or None Law Fundamental Law Governing Neural Impulses && stronger impulses send signals at faster rate.
Short lived charge in electric signal inside the neuron Action Potential
Gap Between Two Cells In Synapse Synaptic Cleft
Measures electrical activity of the brain EEG
Locate cell activity in the brain to record radioactive substances become concentrated when injected into the bloodstream PET Scan
An extension of the spinal cord contained inside the skull where nuclei control blood pressure, heart rate, breathing, and other vital functions Hindbrain
An are in the hindbrain that controls blood pressure, heart rate, breathing, and other vital functions Medulla
A network of cells ad fibers threaded throughout the hindbrain and midbrain that alters the activity of the rest of the brain Reticular Formation
The part of the hindbrain whose function is to control finely coordinated movements and to store learned associations that involve movement Cerebellum
A small nucleus in the reticular formation involved in attention, sleep, and mood. Locus Coeruleus
Midbrain A small structure between the hidbrain and forebrain that relays information from the eyes, ears, and skin and that controls certain types of automatic behaviors
Substantia Nigra An are of the midbrain involved in the smooth initiation of movement
Striatum A structure within the forebrain that is involved in the smooth initiation of movement
Forebrain The most highly developed part of the brain; it is responsible for the most complex aspects of behavior and mental life
Thalamus A forebrain structure that relays signals from most sense organs to higher levels in the brain and plays an important role in the processing and making sense out of the information
A structure in the forebrain that regulates, thirst, and sex drives Hypothalamus
Suprachiasmatic nuclei Nuclei in the hypothalamus that generate biological rhythm
Amygdala A structure in the forebrain that, among other things, associates features of stimuli from sensory modalities
Hippocampus A structure in the forebrain associated with the formation of new memories
Limbic System A set of brain structures that play important roles in regulating emotion and memory
Cerebral Hemisphere The left and right halves of the rounded, outermost part of the brain
Cerebral cortex the outer surface of the brain
Sensory cortex the parts of the cerebral cortex that receive stimulus information form the senses
Motor cortex The part of the cerebral cortex whose neurons control voluntary movements in specific parts of the body
Association cortex Those parts of the cerebral cortex that receive information from more than one sense or that combine sensory an motor information to perform complex cognitive tasks
Corpus Callosum A massive bundle of fibers that connects the right and left cerebral hemispheres and allows tham to communicate with each other.
Created by: Vsevolod-Notes