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Bio Regents

lipids store energy and include fats, oils, and waxes made from fatty acids and glycerol
carbohydrates are sugars and starches made from simple sugars and supply energy
differentiate start to form different types of cells. at this stage the embryo is very vulnerable to alcohol, drugs, etc... because the important organs and systems are just starting to develop
specialization/differentation this occurs when only some genes in the nucleas of a cell are "turned on"
controlled experiment compares the results of an experiment between 2 or more groups
chromosome pairs carry alleles for the same trait. We all have 2 alleles for each gene-1 from each parent-1 on each member of the homologous pair
the cell membrane is made of lipids proteins. it shows selective permeability- that is only some molecules can pass through it (typically small molecules like water and oxygen) large molecules (like starch or protein) need to be moved by active transport
plasma the fluid of the blood. transports everything except oxygen.
proteins are made from amino acids, also make hormomnes and many body and cell structures
respiration organisms get energy by breaking the bonds of sugar molecules. The released energy is used to make a molecule of ATP, which gives all organisms their energy
pancreas makes insulin and glucogen which control blood sugar
aerobic restoration requires oxygen and yeilds more ATP (energy) for a molecule of sugar than anaerobic (no oxygen) respiration.
regulation coordination and control of other life functions
alveoli very important because it is here that the oxygen enters the blood and CO2 leaves
stimulus a change in the environment that you respond to.
respiratory system physical respiration provides oxygen needed for chemical respiration.
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