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Grade 2 Music Terms

Grade 2 Musical Terminology

forte loud
piano soft
mezzo forte moderately loud
mezzo piano moderately soft
fortissimo very loud
pianissimo very soft
crescendo gradually becoming louder
diminuendo gradually becoming softer
decrescendo gradually becoming softer
adagio slowly
lanto slowly
largo broadly
andante at an easy walking pace
moderato at a moderate speed
allegretto moderately fast
allegry lively and fast
vivace lively
vivo lively
prest very fast
accelerando gradually becoming faster
rallentando gradually becoming slower
ritardando gradually becoming slower
ritenuto immediately slower or held back
allargrando becoming broader
piu mosso more movement, quicker
meno mosso lessmovement, slower
a tempo return to the former speed
D major a key with two sharps
A major a key with three sharps
E minor a scale with F# and a raised 7th of D#
A minor a scale with no sharps or flats but has a raised 7th of G#
D minor a scale with one flat and a raised 7th of C#
semiquavers a quarter beat note
binary a form with 2 sections AB
ternary a form with 3 sections ABA
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