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latin exam '15 M-V

magister teacher
magnus big
malus bad
maneo stay
mare sea
mater mother
me me
medius middle
memoria memory
mensa table
mercator merchant
meus my
miles soldier
minime no
miser sad
mittere to send
mors, mortis death
mortuus dead
moveo, movere to move
mox soon
multidinis crowd
multus much
murus wall
narrare to tell
nauta sailor
navigare to sail
navis, navis ship
nec nor
necesse necessary
neque...neque neither..nor
nihil nothing
nomenis name
non not
nos we
noster our
nostus wel known
novus new
noctis night
numerus number
nunc now
nuntius messanger
occidere to kill
olim once
onus load
oppidum town
oppugnare to attack
paene almost
paratus ready
parare to prepare
parvus small
patria country
pacis peace
pecunia money
per through
periculum danger
petere to seek
ponere to put
porta gate
potare to carry
posse to be able
post after
postea afterwards
primum first
pro for
procul far
prope near
puella girl
puer boy
pugnare to fight
pugna fight
pulcher beautiful
qualis what sort of
quid what
quis who
quod because
quomodo how
quoque also
quot how much
regina queen
reliquus left
respondere to answer
rex, regis king
rogare to ask
sacer holy
saepe often
salutare to greet
satis enough
schola school
scribere to write
sed but
seder to sit
semper always
serva slave woman
servare to slave
servus slave
severus harsh
si if
silva forest
sine without
sollicitus worried
solus alone
somnus dream/sleep
somnium dream
sordidus dirty
spectare to watch
statim immediately
sto, stare to stand
stultus, a, um stupid
sub under
surgo, surgere to rise
taberna, -ae, f shop/tavern
tamen however
tandem finally, at last
te you
tempus, temporis, n. time
teneo, tenere hold
terra, -ae, f. ground
terreo, terrere to frighten
territus, a, um frightened
timeo, timere to fear
timidus, a, um shy, fearful
totus, a, um whole
trans across
tu you
tum then
tuus, a, um your
ubi when/where
urbs, urbis, f. city
venio, venire to come
vester, a, um your
via, -ae, f. road
video, videre to see
villa, -ae, f. country estate
vinco, vincere to conquer/beat/win
vir, -i, m. man
vita, ae, f. life
vivus, a, um alive
vix scarcely, hardly
voco, vocare to call
vos you
vulnus, vulneris, n. wound
Created by: daphne14