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latin exam '15 A-L

a(b) away from
abeo, abire to go away
absum, abesse to be absent
ad to/towards
advenio, advenire to arrive
aedifico, aedificare to build
ager, agri field
agricola farmer
alius (an)other
altus tall
amo, amare to love
ambulo, ambulare to walk
amica female friend
amicus friend
animal, animalis animal
ante before
antea beforehand
antiquus old, ancient
aqua water
arbor, arboris tree
audio, audire hear
aut or
aut...aut either...or
barbarus barbaric, crude
bellum war
bene well
benignus kind
bibo, bibere to drink
bonus good
cado, cadere to fall
caelum sky
campus field
capio, capere to capture, take, seize, catch
caput, capitis head
casa cottage
cena dinner
ceno, cenare to dine
ceteri, ceterae, cetera the rest/ others
cibus food
circum around
civis, civis citizen
clamo, clamare to shout
clarus clear, famous
colonus farmer
contra against
coquus cook
corpus, corporus body
cras tomorrow
cum with
cur why
curo, curare to care for
curro, currere to run
de about/ concerning/ down from
dea goddess
debeo, debere ought, must
demonstro, (de) monstrare to show
deus god
dico, dicere say/tell
discipulus student
diu for a long time
do, dare give
doceo,docere to teach
domina mistress
dominus master
domus house
donum gift
dormio, dormire to sleep
duco,ducere to lead
dum while
dux, ducis lleader
e(x) out of
ego I
equus horse
esse to be
et and
et...et both...and
etiam still, even, also
fabula story
facio, facere to do, make
fama rumor/fame
familia family
femina woman
fessus tired
festino, festinare to hurry
filia daughter
filius son
fortasse perhaps
fortuna fortune/ luck
frigidus cold
fugio, fugere to flee
gladius sword
habeo, habere to have
habito, habitare to live
heri yesterday
hodie today
honestus honest
hora hour
hortus garden
hostis, hostis enemy
iam now
in in/on, into/onto
inamica female enemy
inamicus enemy
insula island
inter between
intro, intrare to enter
invenio, invenire to find
ira anger
iratus angry
ita vero yes
itaque therefore, and so
iter, itineris trip
iubeo, iubere to order
laboro, laborare to work
laetus wide
laudo, laudare to praise
lego, legere to read
lentus slow
liber, libera, liberum free
liber, liberi book
liberi, liberorum children
littera letter
longus long
ludus school
lumen, luminis light
Created by: daphne14