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science final

What is Hydroelectric power? electrical energy produced by falling water.
What is wind power? a type of energy that relies on a windmill driving an electric generator
how does coal generate power? by burning coal it can generate power
What are some problems with relying on nonrenewable resources like fossil fuels? You will eventually run out of nonrenewable resources and they cause lots of pollution
What are the two basic parts of a virus? DNA and protein
What are the three main shapes of bacteria? Cocci, Basilli, Spirilli
What positive roles do bacteria have in peoples lives? Help digest food, produce vitamins, occupy niches that keep pathogens out.
What is the name of the process by which a bacteria cell divides into two daughter cells? Binary Fission
How quickly can bacteria reproduce? every 20 mins
What is a pathogen? tiny organisms that cause communicable diseases, also known as parasites. harm the things they live on
what is a vector? An organism, typically a biting insect or tick, that transmits a disease or parasite from one animal to another.
what does a virus need to be inside in order to multiply? a host,a person or animal
How does wood rely on the sun? The wood grows as a tree using the sun to make energy and photosynthesis.
How does water rely on the sun for energy? water relies on the sun to create energy because it evaporates and when it rains it turns turbines creating energy. For it to evaporate it needs the sun for warmth.
How do viruses reproduce? Viruses reproduce by injecting their own DNA into the cell of their host the create more viruses.
What are some diseases caused by viruses? Shingles, HIV, Ebola, Measles, chicken pox.
If a virus visited you would it be helpful to have antibiotics on hand? why or why not? No because antibiotics, are to fight bacteria and a virus is not a bacteria.
Created by: courtneyvils7