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Upstream Study !!!

Macrophytes rooted aquatic plants that you can see with a naked eye
A stream with very good water quality in Michigan should have high oxygen concetration and low turbidity
Which organisms would likely be found living in low flow, sluggish, low oxygen streams? blood worms (midge larvae)
Nonpoint source runoff mostly originates from road and agricultural runoff
A change in pH of 3 to a pH of 7 is an increase in magnitude of 10,000
Water in the ground which moves through the cracks in bedrock and permeable soils is called groundwater discharge
Multiple use often results in A compromise in water quality management strategies due to competing interests in the same large stream or reservoir.
Acid Rain is caused by Nitric/Sulfric acid from car and power plant emissions
During decomposition of plant or animals, oxygen near the stream bottom will: Decrease
Photosynthesis takes place: only during the day
Metabolism in plants takes place: during both the day and night
The BOD in highly pristine Upper Peninsula streams would be ____________ compared to the highly industrialized Hudson River lower
HAB stands for Harmful Algal Bloom
The purpose of setae on a macroinvertebrate is to sense its physical environment
Permeable surfaces are porous substrages
Water Bugs generally tell us what about most streams they are not in every body, so they tell us nothing about the stream
The purpose of monitoring is to track changes in water quality and pollution impacts over time, so we can manage better
Macro-invertebrates are useful as indicators because they integrate environmental conditions from the last 2-4 years
A Super Fund Site is set up and monitored by what entity federal government
A stream buffer protects the stream from non-point source runoff and erosion
Stakeholders in the Bort-Lambrecht watershed include Berrien County Officials, Potawatomi Indians substance fishing in the Great Lakes, Upton Teachers and students
A surrogate is substitute