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Majors animal: Lab practical three

Who is/are the intermediate host(s) for the liver fluke? Snail and fish
Who is/are the definitive host(s) for the liver fluke? Human
Which stage(s) of the liver fluke life cycle would we have found in the snails we crushed up? Egg with miracidium, miracidium, sporocyst, redia, cercaria
What is the intermediate host in the schistosome life cycle? Snail
Is the schistosome a monogenetic or digenetic parasite? Which class does this fluke belong to? a) Class Trematoda b) Class Monogenea Digenetic parasite; a) Class Trematoda
Which disease is caused by schistosomes? a) Malaria b) Elephantiasis c) Trichinosis d) Schistosomiasis e) Sleeping sickness f) None of the above D) Schistosomiasis
Nematomorpha common name is _________. Horsehair worms
Kinorhyncha common name is __________. Kinorhynchs
Nematoda common name is _________. Nematodes (intestinal roundworms, hookworm, pinworm, trichina worm, whipworm, filarial worm)
Gastrotricha common name is__________. Gastrotrichs
Loricifera common name is __________. Loriciferans
Rotifera common name is _________. Rotifers
Acanthocephala common name is ___________. Spiny-headed worms
Priapulida common name is __________. Priapulids
What is the function of the corona on a rotifer? Creation of ciliary currents to sweep food into the mouth and swimming
What is the function of the mastax on a rotifer? Grinding of food
What is the function of the toes of a rotifer? What is the function of the vitellarium of a rotifer? Attachment to substrate; forming yolk
Where do rotifers live? In plankton and bottom samples of lakes and ponds
What type of body symmetry do rotifers have? Bilateral symmetry
T or F: Rotifers have true segmentation. False
Rotifers in the genus Philodina have no males in the population, so eggs (ova) produced develop exclusively by _______.What grade of tissue construction do rotifers have? a) Tissue grade b) Diploblastic c) Triploblastic d) Monoblastic e) None of the above Parthenogenesis; c) Triploblastic
What is the definitive host in the human blood fluke (Clonorchis) life cycle? Human
What are the intermediate hosts in the human blood fluke (Clonorchis) life cycle? Snails and fish
What are the three sponge body plans? Ascon, sycon, leucon
Give two functions for cnidocytes in hydras. Defense and prey detection
What is the function of the gastrovascular cavity in hydras? Extracellular digestion of prey
What type of reproduction is the bud of a hydra? Asexual budding
What is the function of the basal disc in hydras? Attachment to substrate
What is the function of the mesoglea in hydras? Body support
What type of symmetry do hydras have? a) Asymmetrical b) Radial c) Bilateral B) Radial
What type of tissue construction do hydras have? a) Tissue grade b) Diploblastic c) Triploblastic B) Diploblastic
Are Ascaris roundworms free-living or parasitic? Parasitic
Are Ascaris roundworms monoecious or dioecious? Dioecious
Are Ascaris roundworms monogenetic or digenetic?
What type of body symmetry do Ascaris roundworms have? Bilateral
What grade of tissue construction do Ascaris roundworms have? Triploblastic
T or F: Ascaris roundworms have cephalization. True
T or F: Ascaris roundworms have segmentation. False
In terms of body cavity, Ascaris roundworms are a: a) Acoelomate b) Pseudocoelomate c) Eucoelomate d) Quadcoelomate e) None of the above B) Pseudocoelomate
What is the function of rhopalia on a scyphozoan jellyfish? a) Sensory organ b) Aids in feeding c) None of these d) Balancing organ e) Contains the cnidocytes A) Sensory organ
What is the function of the gonad on a scyphozoan jellyfish? Reproduction
Most cnidarians develop from a blastula to a gastrula to a _______ larva. a) Hydrotheca b) Parenchymula c) Sporocyst d) Planula e) Cercariae D) Planula
What is the function of amoeboid cells in sponges? To distribute food to the sponge
Are most species of sponges marine or freshwater? Marine
All freshwater and a few marine sponge species form asexual buds called _________. Gemmules
What is the specific name for this type of sexual reproduction (ie two paramecia)? Conjugation
List three materials sponges can be made of.
What is the function of the contractile vacuole? Excess water and waste secretion
What phylum is Vorticella in? Phylum Ciliophora
What phylum and class do Obelia belong to? Phylum Cnidaria; Class Hydrozoa
The movement away or toward light is called what? Phototaxis
The movement away or toward touch is called what? Thigmotaxis
The movement away or toward a chemical is called what? Chemotaxis
What is the name of the disease caused by a parasitic roundworm that can be contracted by eating raw or inadequately cooked pork or bear meat? Causes mild muscle aches and if it reaches brain can cause death. Trichinosis
In Ascaris lumbricoides the female and male being different sizes is a good example of __________. Sexual dimorphism
List three nematodes (common names). Hookworm, pinworm, whipworm
List three types of asexual reproduction in Cnidarians. Budding, fragmentation, regeneration
What type of nervous system do we find in Cnidarians? Decentralized nerve nets
This chemical is released by living cells and stimulates the hydra to open its mouth and secrete a mucous to aid in swallowing: a) Guanine b) Glucose c) Galactose d) Glutathione e) None of the above D) Glutathione
What does cytoplasmic streaming do for an amoeba? Cell locomotion
What is pinocytosis? Ingestion of liquid into a cell by the budding of small vesicles from the cell membrane
What is phagocytosis? Ingestion of bacteria or other material in which extensions of plasma membrane elongate and surround food, forming a food vacuole for enzymatic digestion
What organelle do primarily freshwater protozoans use to osmoregulate? Contractile vacuole
Certain species of the genus Trypanosoma cause what disease? African trypanosomiasis (sleeping sickness)
The animal that causes elephantiasis belongs to what phylum? Phylum Nematoda
In which phylum of animals would choanocytes found? Phylum Porefora
What function do choanocytes serve? Generate a flow of water through the sponge
The heartworm is a nematode that infects dogs, cats, and humans and resides in the pulmonary arteries and can produce numerous offspring (progeny) every day and moves from host to host via the ______ which is the vector. Mosquito
The nematode found in the placenta of the sperm whale can reach ____ meters in length. 9 (30 feet)
A female Ascaris spp releases about ____ fertilized eggs per day as long as males are present to do the fertilizing. 200,000
What phylum does the hookworm belong to? Phylum Nematoda
Research shows being infected with hookworms helps alleviate symptoms of autoimmune diseases. Give two examples of diseases they could reduce symptoms in. Rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Addison disease
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