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NRTCMed SurgII Final

Med Surg II Final

Normal Adult Serum Sodium Range 136-145
Normal Adult Serum Potassium Range 3.5-5.0
Average adult temperature 98.6
Average geriatric temperature 96.8
What is the function of erythropoietin? RBC production
Patient c/o N/V what type of diet is appropriate when advanced to solids BRAT
Nurse reads pt chart and notices multiple TIAs. What is the significance of this information? Can be a warning sign of possible CVA
Normal Female Adult serum hemoglobin range 12-16
Normal adult respiratory range 12-20
Eye disorder that results in "curtain" in the line of sight, usually related to head trauma Retinal Detachment
A pt in ED reports trauma to left arm with skin intact, the nurse suspects fracture what is the priority assessment neurovascular status
first symptoms of gout usually occur in which structure Big toe
Describe warning signs of cancer sore throat that doesn't heal, change in color/size of skin lesion, drainage of skin lesion, irregular borders/asymmetrical lesion, change in bowel/bladder habits, indigestion/difficult swallowing, thickening/lump in tissue
What causes the development of AIDS Human immunodeficiency virus
What structures of the immune system are destroyed by human immunodeficiency virus CD4-TCells
Baby receives mom's antibodies via breast feeding. What type of immunity is this naturally passive immunity
Child has chicken pox in first grade. Later in life has a positive titer for the Herpes Varicella Zoster virus. What type of immunity is this? Naturally Active Immunity
The patient has board like abdomen, no bowel sounds, and no bowel movement for 8 days. What is the patient at risk for? Peritonitis due to bowel rupture
The nurse encourages increased fluids for the patient on ABT therapy for pyelonephritis. What is the rationale to prevent crystaluria
inflammation of small pockets in the intestines that is commonly irritated by foods such as strawberries and tomatoes diverticulitis
life threatening disorder caused by excess release of Thyroid Hormones Thyroid Storm
Patient with a glasgow coma score of 15 can be described as? alert et oriented no s/sx of coma
Cloudy cerebrospinal fluid indicates? bacterial infection
The most lethal of the female reproductive cancers is? ovarian cancer
This blood type is the universal recipient? AB
What is the minimum recommendation SPF value for sunscreen? 15
Created by: kleer