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CNA 2016 Ch. 13

Preventing Infection

Asepsis means. free from disease producing microbes
drugs that kills microbes that cause infection are called: antibiotics
we sterilize medical tools in an. autoclave
another word for the use of medical asepsis. clean technique
when something becomes unclean it called being contaminated
a disease that is caused by a pathogen that spreads easily. communicable diseasse
immunity. when a person has protection from a certain disease they have immunity
medical asepsis. practice of destroying pathogens, preventing the spread from one person to another... also referred to as clean technique
non-pathogens are microbes that usually don't cause an infection
normal flora. microbes that live and grow in their area
sterile field is a work area free from all pathogens and non pathogens
a carrier someone who serves as a reservoir for a microbe by carrying it to others to become infected but they never become infected by that pathogen
vaccines are given to create immunity
Who is responsible for preventing the spread of infections the entire health team
Microbes live EVERYWHERE!!!
we sometimes refer to bacteria as... germs
what do microbes need to grow... water and nourishment, warm, dark, environment, they must have a host to live and grow
if a microbe is considered normal flora in the respiratory system can it cause an infection there NO! But it could cause an infection if it traveled to another part of the body.
When microbes can resist the effects of antibiotics they are called... multidrug-resistant organisms
a local infection occurs in one specific body part
What is a systemic infection an infection that affects the whole body
The immune system.... protects the body from disease and infection
some s/s of infection are fever, redness or swelling of a body part, increased pulse and respiratory rate, diarrhea, nausea, vomitting
infection starts with a... pathogen or source
the most common sites for healthcare associated infections are: urinary system, respiratory system, wounds
a susceptible host is... someone at risk for infection
portals of exit are... the same as portals of entry
some ways to spread HAIs are... poor hand hygiene, personal care items and eating/ drinking utensils, coughing, sneezing, talking, laughing, singing
in medical asepsis an item is contaminated if... pathogens are present
easiest and most important way to prevent infections from spreading... practicing good hand hygiene
can you wash your hands after putting gloves on... :) hahaha NO! do it BEFORE you put on the gloves or AFTER you take them off.
when washing your hands you should stand... where soap and faucets are easy to reach with out touching your clothing
when washing your hands your hands and forearms should be where below the elbow
do you have to wash your hands before using an alcohol based rub? NO! the hand sanitizer is used in place of hand washing
When drying your hands dry from... finger tips and down
to turn off the faucets use... a clean paper towel for each faucet
what are some little things that can help prevent spread of microbes in the home wiping out the tub daily
single use items are: discarded after use, help prevent the spread of microbes
why do we clean? to reduce the number of microbes present
when cleaning a bed pan you must wear gloves, wash the bed pan with soap and hot water, use a brush if necessary
disinfection destroys pathogens
germicides are disinfectants
when using chemical disinfectants always wear utility gloves
to empty and dispose of urine from a catheter bag you should wear gloves
how can you control portal of exit? wearing PPE as needed
to control the spread of microbes always practice hand hygiene
to prevent transmission of microbes help residents to... wash hands before and after eating
when washing your hands always wash.... away from your body
always wipe patients from clean to dirty or .... front to back
if clean gloves come in contact with clean sheets then.... gloves are contaminated but sheets are clean
all body fluids are capable of.... spreading infection
standard precautions apply to all patients, every time care is given
standard precautions require... hand hygiene in between tasks and procedures on the same person
if the nurse assigns you 3 tasks on a patient and contact with blood, and other body fluids are likely how many gloves do you need? 3 pair
if your gloves are contaminated and you need to touch a clean surface what do you do? remove gloves and decontaminate your hands
goggles and face shields are meant to protect the mucous membranes of your mouth, eyes, and nose
a wet gown is a.... contaminated gown
how do you handle soiled linens? according to center's policy
the nurse hands you a used disposable syringe with the needle attached.... what do you do? place the needed and syringe in a puncture resistant container
when a nurse tells you that droplet precautions are needed you know that droplets are produced by... coughing, sneezing, or talking
when following droplet precautions you should wear a mask when working with in three feet of the patient
contact precautions always require the use of gloves
a gown for isolation precautions is removed..... before leaving the room
when the nurse delegates tasks involving transmission based precautions the nurse should tell you..... what PPE to wear
if a patient is on contact precautions you should be careful to always..... gather any necessary supplies before entering the room
when non-intact skin is likely present always wear gloves
gloves are easier to put on when... hands are dry
you tear a glove when performing a task you should... remove the glove, perform hand hygiene, put on a new glove
gloves only cover up to your wrist
a wet mask is considered contaminated
when removing the mask remember the .... front part is contaminated
before removing the mask you must.... remove your gloves
when removing a gown what part should you consider contaminated? the front part of the gown and the sleeves
a wet gown is always.... contaminated
if you have to wear gloves, gown and mask which goes on first gown
before removing a gown you must remove gloves and decontaminate your hands
disposable goggles and face shields are discarded after one use
contaminated items are placed in leak proof plastic bags with the Biohazard symbol
double bagging is necessary when... the outside of a bag becomes soiled
when collecting a specimen always wear gloves
if you need to transfer a patient on isolation precautions by stretcher what do you need to remember? place an extra sheet on the stretcher the patient wears a mask if they are droplet precautions the stretcher must be disinfected after use
when patients are placed under isolation precautions they are at risk for loss of self esteem
how can we help meet the patients basic social and emotional needs while in isolation precautions say hello from the doorway
if you have to put on face mask what should you do for your patient to help them feel safe and comfortable let them see your face first
who came up with the bloodborne pathogen standard? OSHA
bloodborne pathogens leave the body through the.... blood
what is the definition of potentially infectious materials according to the bloodborne standard? contaminated with body fluid that may contain blood
how many shots are involved in receiving the hep B vaccination 3
when do we give the hep b vaccine before or after exposure to HBV
facilities must offer all new hires what vaccination series? Hepatitis B Vaccine- at no cost to you.... you have the right the right to refuse
you have chapped lips and need some carmex.... where is it safe to apply chapstick? only in the employee restroom or employee break room
when you drop a water glass what do you do with the broken glass? discard the pieces into a puncture resistant container
what should you use to pick up the broken glass a brush and dustpan- don't use your hands
when cleaning off the counter in the dirty utility room you need what type of PPE gloves
if your work surface becomes contaminated when do you decontaminate it? immediately
if a patient's linens become soiled with urine and feces what do you do with them place them in a leak proof plastic bag to carry down to the laundry room or dirty utility closet.
if you nick your finger on a chipped water glass that is considered an.... exposure incident
sterile items must be kept where.... in your direct line of sight, above your waist, they can only be handled by someone wearing sterile gloves or using sterile forceps. Always ensure that you hold wet items down form your arm.
what part of the sterile field is not actually sterile there is a one inch margin around the area of sterile field that is considered contaminated.... all items must be placed inside of that border
the nurse asks you to assist in a sterile procedure... you will need to wear sterile gloves.... when do you put them on? before the sterile field is set up
if your sterile glove rips while working what do you do? remove your gloves, decontaminate your hands, re-glove
while putting on sterile gloves you accidentally contaminate the inside of the package but not the glove what do you do? discard the gloves, once the sterile field is broken nothing with in it is sterile any more
when putting on the first sterile glove some fingers get caught up in the glove.... what do you do? put on the other sterile glove then use that hand to fix the first glove
when you have on sterile gloves you can touch.... only what is inside the sterile field... make sure you keep your hands above your waist
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