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WAHS Wind Energy #1

WAHS Wind Energy Vocabulary #1

airfoil the shape of the blade cross-section, to enhance the lift and improve turbine performance
ampere-hour a unit to measure quantity of electricity, also measures battery capacity
anemometer a device to measure wind speed
average wind speed the mean wind speed over a specified time period
blades the aerodynamic surface that catches the wind
brake a system used to stop the rotor from turning
converter/inverter a device that converts direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC)
cut-in wind speed the wind speed at which a wind turbine begins to generate electricity
cut-out speed the wind speed at which a wind turbine ceases to generate electricity
density mass per unit of volume
downwind on the opposite side from the direction from which the wind blows
furling a passive protection for the turbine where the rotors fold up or around the tail vane
grid the electricity utility distribution system, connecting generators to users
HAWT horizontal axis wind turbine
VAWT vertical axis wind turbine
kW kilowatt, a measure of power for electrical current (1000 watts)
kWh kilowatt-hour, a measure of energy equal to the use of one kilowatt in one hour
MW megawatt, a measure of power (1,000,000 watts)
nacelle the body of a propeller-type wind turbine, containing the gearbox, generator, blade hub, and other parts
O&M costs operation and maintenance costs
power coefficient the ratio of the power extracted by a wind turbine to the power available in the wind stream
power curve a chart showing a wind turbine's power output across a range of wind speeds
PUC Public Utility Commission, a state agency which regulates utilities
PURPA Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act, referring to small generator utility connection rules
rated output capacity the output power of a wind machine operating at the rated wind speed
rated wind speed the lowest wind speed at which the rated output power of a wind turbine is produced
rotor the rotating part of a wind turbine, including the blades and blade assembly, or the rotating part of a generator
rotor diameter the diameter of the circle swept by the rotor
rotor speed the revolutions per minute of the wind turbine rotor
start-up wind speed the wind speed at which a wind turbine will begin to spin
swept area the area swept by the turbine rotor, A=pR2, where R is the radius of the rotor
tip speed ratio dividing the speed at the tip of a moving rotor blade by the wind velocity
turbulence the changes in wind speed and direction, frequently caused by obstacles
upwind on the same side as the direction from which the wind is blowing (windward)
wind farm a group of wind turbines, often owned by one company (aka "wind power plant")
yaw the movement of the tower top turbine that allows the turbine to stay into the wind
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