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WPD Final Review

Web Page Design class final exam review.

Where can you find the Code, Design, and Split view buttons? Document Toolbar
When creating a website, where should you save graphics? Images Folder
When planning a website, what key items must be considered before moving to the designing stage? Audience, Font Styles, Size, & Layout
What key on your keyboard should you press to view your webpage in a browser such as Internet Explorer? F12
What does HTML stand for? HyperText Markup Language
What button allows web designers "the best of both worlds" when working with HTML and graphics as they will appear in a browser such as Internet Explorer? Split View
What are the three main parts of a webpage? Root, Head, and Body
What would a web designer use in order to receive feedback from webpage visitors? Mailto:Address
What is a group of hyperlinks that link to other pages within a website commonly called? Navigation Bar
Once a template is created in Dreamweaver, where can you access it in order to apply it to existing documents? Web Directory
What is the appropriate Body Attribute to change the background color of a webpage to blue? <body bg color= "blue">
What is the Hexadecimal color for Black? #000000
In a URL, what are folders and file names separated by? Slashes
What is the advantage of inserting the banner as a background image? You are able to leave the container empty for multiple content.
What symbol allows you to create a hyperlink placeholder? Asterisk (star)
How many editable regions does a template have automatically? One
What does increasing compression on a JPEG image allow you to do? Decrease the file size
What is a hot spot in Dreamweaver used for? To designate an area of an image for a hyperlink
What does URL stand for? Uniform Resource Locator
What extension is used for flash animation? .swt
What is the website extension that is most commonly used for non-profit businesses? .org
When creating a template in Dreamweaver, what is the proper file extension? .dwt
What describes text which scrolls across a webpage? Marquee
What is the graphic object called that changes to another image when the cursor is touching it? Rollover button
What is Dreamweaver's file extension? .dwf
What does a web designer use to manage most aspects of the site? Sight Panel
Where are the text editing tools found in Dreamweaver? Property Inspector
What is the proper HTML term for these characters <>? Wickets
What represents the Pipe? Vertical Line
Created by: brycecream
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