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Criminal Just. Ch 12

Administration of Justice chp. 12

CH12 What has been the traditional emphasis for community corrections Rehabilitation
CH12 What are the two competing roles that community corrections staff have to wrestle with? Law Enforcement vs Help offenders identify and address their problems
CH12 An organized and systemized alternative to the criminal justice process via offering alternatives as opposed to more restrictive remedies. Diversion
CH12 This is the most frequently imposed criminal sentence in the U.S. Probation
CH12 Name the 3 steps in the probation process 1. Place on Probation, 2. Supervision and assessment by probation officer, 3. Termination of Probation
CH12 This is prepared for the judge by the probation agency prior to sentencing. The Presentence Investigation Report (PSI)
CH12 Imposed at the judges discretion, these are designed to address an offenders particular situation A Special Conditions sentence
CH12 Name a few options a judge may utilize under Special Conditions. 1. Drug Counseling, 2. Sex Offenders reporting frequency, 3. Family Counseling for domestic issues, etc.
CH12 This is a likely result if the probationer fails to complete the requirements of his/her probation. Revocation
CH12 What is Shock Probation A dual punishment by the judge consisting of a short prison stay and the n a second punishment of probation.
CH12 Name a few controversial issues in regards to probation. 1. Probationer Fees (Arguably unfair ti indigents), 2. Privacy ((Probation Officers are not subject to attorney/cleint or attorney privacy), 3.Caseload for parole officers.
Ch 1 Why is Crime Control McJustice The CCM goal is quick and efficient closure with the presumption being guilt vs innocence until proven guilty
Ch 1 Name 6 defenses against criminal responsibility Duress, Insanity, Underage, Self Defense or defense of others, Entrapment, Necessity
Ch 1 Concurrence Criminal intent and criminal conduct must happen simultaneously aka concurrently
Ch 1 Per the Crime Control, model, how is efficiency increased By Plea Bargaining
Ch 1 Per Herbert Parker, how is the Due Process model defined? He calls it Assembly Line Justice
Ch 1 The Due Process doctrine supposed to be challenging to navigate. This is based on .... Obstacle course Justice
Ch 1 What do we call a behavior that violates the norms of society? This is the definition of a CRIME
Ch 2 Name the three problems associated with defining what a crime is Overcriminalization, Non Enforcement, and Undercriminalization
Ch. 2 What is Over and Undercriminalization Overcriminal is labeling some behavior as a crime that should not be and undercriminal is not categorizing some behaviour as crime that SHOULD be
Ch 2 A person is legally insane if at the time of the act, he coud not formulate that the act was wrong. What is this the concept of? The M'Naughton rule
Ch 2 An immediate trial without a jury is known as Summary Trial
Ch 2 What is the most frequently imposed sentence in the US Probation
Ch 2 What are the elements of a crime Harm, Legality, Actus Reas, Mens Rea, Causation, Concurrence, Punishment
Ch 3 What is the Classical Theory View that people exercise free will and are responsible for their actions
Ch 3 What does Criminalogical Theory seek to do Define and explain criminal behavior of all of the actors in the criminal justice system
Ch 3 What is Anomie The individual is not a part of the collective conscience
Ch 3 What is the biological theory of crime causation? Concept that criminals behave differently because they are structurally different based on their environment and their chemistry
Ch 3 What is Criminal Anthropology The study of "Criminal" human beings
Ch 4 In what amendment would you find the protection against illegal search and seizure Amend 4
Ch 4 Name the 5 ideal features of good criminal law Politicality, Uniformity, Specificity, Regularity, Penality
Ch 5 How many law enforcement agencies are there on the federal level Dozens
Ch 12 What is Community Corrections The subfield of corrections in which offenders are supervised outside of jail
Ch 12 Name the 5 types of probation Straight probation, Split Sentence Probation, Shock Probation, and Residential Probation
Ch 12 Name the two general categories under which revocation of probation may occur. 1) Violation of a new crime and 2) a Technical Violation.
Ch 12 What is the difference between probation and parole Probation is given in lieu of incarceration. Parole is given after serving part of the sentence.
Ch 12 What is net widening Offenders are caught up in a program that the program was not meant to bother. They were caught in the net.
Ch 12 What is the difference between Tariff fines and Structured fines Tariff fines are a fixed amount leveled without consideration of the persons ability to pay. Structured fines consider ability to pay and other hardships in designing the monetary punishment
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