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Chapters 19-21

Oxford Latin Course Part II

ago, agree, egi I do; I drive
claudo, claudere, clausi I shut
aperio, aperire, aperui I open
apertus, -a, -um open
altus, -a, -um high
confectus, -a, -um finished
invitus, -a, -um unwilling
medius, -a, -um middle
sacer, sacra, sacrum sacred
vacuus, -a, -um empty
difficilis, difficile difficult
aedificium, -i building
vestimenta, -orum clothes
Iuppiter, Iovis Jupiter
continuo immediately
huc.. illuc this way and that
paene nearly
ubique everywhere
extra +acc outside
ubi where
appello, apellare, appellavi I call (by name)
recito, recitare, recitavi I recite, read aloud
rideo, ridere, risi I laugh
induo, induere, indui I put on
intellego, intellegere, intellexi I understand
poeta, -ae poet
gratiae, -arum thanks
schola, -ae school, schoolroom
discipulus, -i pupil
liber, libri book
gradus, gradus step
manus, manus hand
versus, versus verse
vultus, vultus face, expression
rectus, -a, -um straight
recte rightly, correctly
severus, -a, -um severe
facilis, facile easy
facile easily
salve, salvete greetings
sino, sinere, sivi I allow
viso, visere, visi I visit
conficio, conficere, confeci I finish
intersum, interesse, interfui +dat I among, I take part in
clarus, -a, -um clear, bright, famous
ingeniosus, -a, -um talented, clever
latus, -a, -um wide, broad
praeterea moreover
aliquis, aliquid someone, something
epistola, -ae letter
dominus, -i master
atrium, -i hall
ingenium, -i character, talents
stadium, -i study
tablinum, -i study (the room)
aedes, aedium house
orator, oratoris orator, speaker
soror, sororis sister
dies, diei day
meridies, meridiei midday
cotidie every day
res, rei thing, matter, property
respublica, reipublicae the republic
re vera in truth, in fact, really
spes, spei hope
Created by: Sugarbella21