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Wind Erosion/Deserts

Deflation The lowering of land surface by wind
Blowout / Deflation Hollow Forms when the wind blows so hard that it deflates the land so greatly
Oasis A blowout is so great that the water table shows on the surface
Abrasion Occurs when materials carried by the wind hurls rocks against rock surfaces and wears down the rock
Mushroom / Pedestal Rocks The wind blows and creates abrasion which undercuts and wears down rocks near the ground and forms these rocks
Mesa Sometimes a portion of a plateau separates from its main mass to form a flat-topped table land
Butte Erosion wears away the sides of a mesa making a small feature
Seif Dunes Long narrow ridges of sand parallel to the direction of the prevailing wind
Barchans Crescent shaped dunes with gentle windward sides and steep slopes on the leeward sides
Erg A large expanse of sand dunes
Hamada Formed when large areas of rock are exposed to deflation
Loess Great deposits of fine soil were transported to their present position by wind thousands of years ago
Flash Floods A random flood that carries away large volumes of weathered material, they only occur a few times a year
Wadi / Arroyo Deepened gullies formed year after year
Alluvial Fan Large fan-shaped masses of alluvium found at the base of mountains in deserts
Bajada Two or more alluvial fans joined together
Playa Lake A dried up lake
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