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sec 2 final vocab

Stack #19336

soviet in the former soviet union any one of various governings councils that made decisions at various levels
glasnost a russian word meaning "openess"
genocide the intential desstruction of a person
collective farm a state-owned farm in the former soviet union managed by workers, who shared the profits from their produce
permafrost a layer of soil just below the earth's surface that st ays permanetly frozen
nationalism devotion to the interest or culture of a nation
chernozen the russian word for fertile soil, meaning "black earth"
taiga thinly scattered, coniferous forests found in Europe and Asia
command economy an economic system in which the government dictates what goods will be manufactured
perestrioka a russian word meaning "a turning about"
heavy industry the production of goods such as steel and machinery used by other industries
yurt a round tent made of wooden framework and covered with felt or skins
state farm a farm owned by the government and runned by the government
Created by: bjackson