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Chapter 7 & 8-englis

abhor to regard with horror or loathing
amend to change in a formal way
chaos great confusion/disorder
corrosive eating away gradually
discern to see clearly, recognize
implicate to involve in, to be related to
inter to bury, commit to earth
reprehensible deserving blame or punishment
turbulent disorderly, riotous, violent
vociferous loud and noisy, compelling attention
anomisity strong dislike, bitter hostility
apathy a lack of feeling, emotion, or interest
apprehensive fearful or anoxious
compatible able to get along or work well together
condolence an expression of sympathy
decrepit old and feeble, worn out or ruined
multifarious having great variety
parsimonious stingy, miserly,meager, poor, small
quandary a state of perplexity or doubt
suave smoothly agreeable or polite
Created by: brookebaker