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Biology final exam

What is the study of ecology? Interactions between organisms and their environment.
What is the biosphere? Land, water, air, and where all life exists.
What is the ecosystem? All organisms that live in a certain place including nonliving things.
What is an autotroph? Makes food from the sun.
What is a herbivore? only eats plants.
What is a hetertroph/consumer? gets their energy source from other organisms.
What is a carnivore? meat-eaters.
What is an omnivore? eats both plants and animals.
What is a decomposer? Breaks down organic matter.
What is a food chain? Energy transfer by eating and being eaten.
What is a food web? Complex interactions and relationships among organisms
What is a trophic level? Each energy level along food chains.
What is an ecological pyramid? Shows the amount of energy within a trophic level.
What is a biogeochemical cycle? Matter is recycled between and within ecosystems.
What is a biotic factor? Living parts of an environment.
What is an abiotic factor? Nonliving parts of an environment.
What is a habitat? Areas where an organism lives.
What is predation? An organism captures and feeds on another organism.
What is smybiosis? Any relationship in which 2 species live closely together.
What is mutualism? Both species benefit from the relationship.
What is commensalism? One member of the association benefits and the other isn't harmed nor helped.
What is parasitism? One organism lives on or inside another organism and harms it
What is a biome? Has some climate change and communities
How do populations grow? Exponentially.
Which one doesn't limit growth in a population? Non-growth
Which is the difference between innate and learned behavior? Innate: Inborn Learned: Is taught.
Which one is a dominant gene? * Uppercase Letters *
Which one is a recessive gene? * 2 Lowercase Letters *
Why does crossing over happen in Meiosis? To produce new combinations of genes.
What is the purpose of Meiosis? To create sex cells.
Which nitrogen base does DNA not have? Uracil.
Which one is the correct DNA base pairing? A=T C=G.
Which sugar does DNA have? Deoxyribose.
Which one is not a step in DNA replication? DNA disappears (not true).
What is the overall purpose of transcription? To make mRNA.
What is the purpose of translation? To make proteins.
Which nitrogen base does RNA have? Ribose.
Mutations can be...? Good Bad or Neither.
Genetic Engineering is...? Selective breeding, manipulating DNA, cloning.
What is the study of classification? Organizing living animals into groups by characteristics.
What is the study of Evolution Change in an organism over time.
Created by: lovedianaxoxo