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Science amphibians

5th grade amphibians

Amphibians are echothermic (cold blooded)
They cannot produce their own body heat
The name amphibian means double life
Some amphibians go through a process called metamorphosis
There are about ______ species of amphibians 6,800
They are grouped by body structure
The groups are caduta, anura and apoda
The skin of most amphibians is soft and wet
Many amphibians have a thick, ______ mucous on their ______ that keeps it ___________ slimy skin moist
Amphibians skins are not waterproof
Amphibians can _______ _________ through their _______ absorb oxygen skin
Amphibians are ______ off around the ______ because of things people are _______ into the water off world dumping
_______ is when body functions slow down in ____ weather Hibernation cold
______ is when body functions slow down in hot weather Estivating
Amphibians and ______ are ______ together because scientists used to believe they were reptiles classified related
Herpetology comes from the _____ word ______ meaning crawling things Greek herpeton
Most scientists believe ________ evolved from _______ amphibians fish
Ancient amphibians came on land during the _______ period Devonian
Modern amphibians are _______ than ancient amphibians smaller
Both modern and ancient amphibians need to be near ______ to survive water
Amphibian eggs are called spawn
Created by: sdrago