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Nathanna Cainte

useful Irish phrases

Ní dhéanfaidh mé dearmad ar an lá sin I will not forget that day
Is math is cuimhin liom an lá sin I remember it fondly
Is cuimhin lion go maith I remember it fondly
Ba bheag ab eol dom Little did I know
Bhí an ghrian ag scoilteach na gloch The sun was splitting the sky
Bhí an teocht ard The temperature was high
Bhí an ghaoth ag olagón The wind was howling
Droch óiche a bhí ann It was a bad night
Bhí mé préachta leis an bhfuair I was freezing with the cold
Bhí sé ag stealladh báistí It was lashing rain
Bhí sé té ach bhí sé ag éin níos teo diadh ar diadh It was hot but it was getting hotter
Bhí mé i mbarr na sláinte I was in the top of health
Bhí sceitimíní athas orm I was excited
Bhí mé in ard gíumar I was in a good humour
Bhí mé ag tnúth go mór leis I was looking forward to it
Tuirseach traochta Exhausted
Go tobann Suddenly
Ag an nóiméad sin At that minute
Ina dhiaidh sin After that
Ar nós na gaoithe As quick as the wind
Ar Luas Lasracha As fast as flames
I bpreabach na siúl In the blink of an eye
Gan a thuilleadh moille Without further a due
Thug mé aghaidh ar I headed for
Dubh le daoine Black with people
Plodaithe packed
Bhí a domhain agus a mhathair ann The world and his mother were there
Created by: ardscoilris