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Biology 2.3.1

AS OCR biology - biodiversity

What is a species? A group of individual organisms very similar in appearance, anatomy, biochemistry, physiology and genetics, whose members can interbreed freely to produce fertile offspring
What is biodiversity? The variety of life - the different species, the genetic variation between individuals of the same species (alleles) and the ecosystems they form a part of
What are genes? The basic untis of heredity - genetic variation creates a lot of biodiversity because animal and plant species contain up to 400,000 genes
What is a habitat? A place where an organism lives
What is a population? A group of individuals of the same species living in the same place at the same time
What is a community? All the individuals of all organisms living in the same place at the same time
Discuss the current estimate of global biodiversity Catalogue of Life 2015 1.6 million species, 10% of the total number of species. Accuracy impeded by: evolution/speciation, extinction, climate change is affecting biodiversity, poles/rainforests/deserts largely unexplored, never know if we have found all
what is sampling? Studying a small portion of a population to make estimates about the number of species and individuals in the entire habitat
WHat is the importance of sampling? Sampling must be done to measure biodversity, which allows us to conserve habitats, in order to limit human damage and maintain unique habitats
What does the number of samples taken depend on? THe
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