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biology Positive and negative feedback, organ systems

Homeostasis maintaining (keeping) a stable internal environment -organisms must have homeostasis to survive
stimulus an environmental change that affects the activity of an organism - may come from an organism or external environment
Response The way an organism reacts to stimuli
Why is homeostasis important to an organism? Because cells and organs of lLiving organisms can not continue to live Unless Homeostasis is maintained
Give an example of a stimulus. What is its response? Stimulus is you smell or see food. The response would be you get hungry so you eat
How are organisms organized from smallest and simplest to largest and most complex? Cells->. Tissues-> Organs -> organ systems
What is Negative feedback. Your systems need to slow down or completely stop a process that is happening. REDUCES the original effect of a stimulus)
What is positive feedback? The action being stimulated more. (ADDS to original stimulus)
Give example of. Negative feedback Body temp. Increases and body sweats
Give an example of positive feedback Body temp. Decreases, body shivers and temp increases
Name the organ systems in your body Digestive - Cardiovascular -urinary - nervous and endocrine
What is the function of the digestive system ? Makes sure the body has nutrient molecules
WhAt is the function of the cardiovascular system? Transports the nutrient molecules through the body
What is the function of the urinary system. Rids the system of waste
What is the function of the nervous system? Makes sure all the other systems are doing what they are supposed to do
Hypothalmus part of the brain that controls body temp.
what is normal body temp? 37 degrees C
what is an organ system? a group of organs that work together
Created by: mrs Cunningham