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Majors animal: Internal anatomy of a cephalopod (matching)

Gills Paired, feathery organs used for respiration
Esophagus Thin tube connecting the mouth to the stomach
Stomach Small sac where food is stored and digested; digestion is entirely extracellular in cephalopods
Pancreas Small, granular digestive gland that secretes enzymes into the stomach to assist in the breakdown of food
Liver Large, elongated gland that releases secretions into the stomach to facilitate enzymatic digestion of food
Cecum Large, thin-walled digestive chamber prominent along the dorsal end of the body
Rectum Portion of digestive tract leading to anus
Ink sac Large sac that opens into the rectum and secretes a dark brown or black fluid when the animal is alarmed
Anus Terminal portion of digestive tract located near siphon
Testis Produces sperm; located in dorsal end of body tube
Vas deferens Open-ended chamber that receives and stores sperm
Spermatophoric gland Coiled, convoluted tubules that package sperm cells into spermatophore packets
Penis Muscular organ that gathers spermatophores and releases them outisde the body where they are transferred by the male's hectocotylus to the female during mating
Ovary Site of ova production
Oviduct Open-ended chamber that receives ova from the ovary
Nidamental glands Produce secretions that form an encasement around the strings of ova to protect them
Retractor muscles Long muscles that control the retraction of the siphon and the head
Kidneys Paired excretory organs located near the systemic heart that filter nitrogenous wastes from the hemolymph and eliminate them from the body
Systemic heart Large, muscular ventricle that receives oxygenated blood from the gills and pumps it throughout the body
Branchial hearts Smaller, muscular chambers that receive deoxygenated blood from all parts of the body and pump blood to the gills
Created by: scandalouscanine