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BH Sci Vocab list #4

4th grade science vacab list #2

To take in or swallow up liquids or energy absorb
Instrument used for comparing mass or weight balance
What an animal does, the way a living thing acts behavior
An adaptation of an organism that allows it to blend with its surroundings camouflage
To place into groups based on similar or different properties classify
A living thing that depends upon plants (producers) or other consumers (usually animals) for food consumer
An organism that breaks down dead plant or animal materials decomposer
The study of interrelationship between living things and their environment ecology
The ability to do work energy
A normal action or use (the function of the leaves is to manufacture food for the plant) function
What you think the answer to a question or problem may be, an educated guess hypothesis
The motion of an object (sliding, rolling, tumbling, bouncing) movement
Something that can be seen or observed object
To gather information using the senses observe
The reproduced young of a particular person, animal or plant offspring
An object suspended from a fixed point, such as from the end of a string, which is free to swing back and forth pendulum
A living thing that uses the sun's energy to make food, green plants are producers producer
The function, the job of an object purpose
To process or treat something so that it can be used again recycle
The way in which seeds are spread from one location to another by wind, water or animals seed dispersal
To group or classify things according to properties sort
An orderly combination or arrangement of parts into a whole, a group of interacting objects system
To move from one location to another transfer
Standard quantity used as a basis for measuring unit of measure
The amount of space an object takes up volume
Created by: mgrunhaus
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