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Majors animal: Internal anatomy of the earthworm (matching)

Mouth Ingests soil
Pharynx Muscular region of digestive system specialized for pumping in soil
Esophagus Passageway between pharynx and crop
Crop Thin-walled chamber where food is temporarily stored
Gizzard Thick-walled, muscular chamber where soil is mechanically ground and usable organic materials are separated from indigestible materials
Intestine Long tube occupying the majority of the body in which nutrients are absorbed into the bloodstream
Aortic arches Specialized, muscular branches of the dorsal blood vessel that regulate blood pressure in the body
Dorsal blood vessel Longitudinal blood vessel that returns blood to the aortic arches
Ventral blood vessel Longitudinal blood vessel that distributes blood posteriorly to the body
Seminal vesicles Cream-colored, lobed organs fastened ventrally, but extending dorsally around each side of the esophagus, that store maturing sperm
Testes Site of sperm production
Seminal receptacles Ventrally located organs that receive sperm during copulation and store sperm until needed to fertilize ova in cocoon
Ovaries Site of ova production
Nephridia Paired excretory organs found along the lateral margins of all but the most anterior and posterior segments; they release waste fluids out of the worm through small pores in the body wall
Septa Thin, fleshy partitions between segments
Cerebral ganglia Small, bilobed structure lying dorsal to the pharynx in segments 3 and 4; houses majority of neural ganglia in the worm
Ventral nerve cord Long, white "cord" located along the ventral surface of the body; contains large swellings of ganglia in each segment that handle the majority of coordination without intervention of the cerebral ganglia
Created by: scandalouscanine