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Majors animal: Internal anatomy of the grasshopper (matching)

Esophagus Passageway between mouth and crop
Crop Highly extensible, anterior portion of the digestive tract; serves as a storage compartment for food
Stomach Chamber that receives semi-digested food from the crop and secretes enzymes for chemical digestion
Gastric ceca Lobed, accessory digestive areas located at the juncture between the crop and stomach that facilitate chemical digestion
Intestine Shortened tube passing through the abdomen in which nutients are absorbed into the bloodstream
Rectum Specialized swelling of the posterior portion of the digestive tract for efficient water reabsorption and conservation
Anus Terminal portion of the digestive tract; regulates egestion of undigested food from the body
Ovaries Site of ova production and maturation; fertilization is internal and fertilized eggs are deposited in the soil
Testes Site of sperm production
Heart Specialized muscular swellings of the dorsal blood vessel containing ostia (holes) to allow passive uptake of hemolymph that is delivered to the body tissues through arteries; veins do not exist in this open system
Malpighian tubules Stringy, fibrous excretory organs scattered along the margins of the stomach and intestine; release metabolic waste into the digestive tract so excess water may be reabsorbed by the intestine and rectum and conserved in the body
Brain Enlarged conglomeration of nervous tissue located in the head; processes sensory information and coordinates major bodily functions
Ventral nerve cord Long, whitish "cord" located along the ventral surface of the body; contains large swellings of ganglia that handle some nervous coordination without intervention by the brain
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