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Majors animal: Internal anatomy of they crayfish (matching)

Gills Respiration
Esophagus Passageway between mouth and cardiac portion of the stomach
Cardiac chamber of stomach Thick-walled, anterior portion of the stomach containing gastric mill - chitinous teeth that grind food into a liquefied mush
Pyloric chamber of stomach Thin-walled chamber where chemical digestion of food occurs
Digestive glands Accessory digestive organs that secrete enzymes into pyloric stomach to facilitate chemical breakdown of food
Intestine Long tube passing through abdominal region in which nutrients are absorbed into the bloodstream for delivery to body tissues
Heart Specialized, muscular chamber containing ostia (holes) to allow passive uptake of blood, which is delivered to the body tissues through arteries
Dorsal abdominal artery Longitudinal blood vessel that distributes blood to the dorsal aspect of the abdomen
Green glands Paired excretory organs found along the ventral margin of the head region; they release waste out of the crayfish through small pores in the ventral body wall
Testes Site of sperm production
Ovaries Site of ova production
Brain Small radiate structure lying dorsal to the green glands; houses the majority of neural ganglia in the crayfish
Circumesophageal nerves Branches of the ventral nerve cord that bifurcate at the base of the brain and encircle the esophagus before merging along the ventral surface of the crayfish just posterior to the esophagus
Ventral nerve cord Long, white "cord" located along the ventral surface of the body; contains large swellings of ganglia that handle the majority of coordination without intervention by the brain
Created by: scandalouscanine