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Konnichi wa Hello
Ohayo gozaimasu Good Morning
Konban wa Good Evening
Ogenski desu Ka How is your health?
Genski desu Health is good
ii o-tenski desu ne How is the weather?
Soo, desu It is good
Namae wa nan desu ka What is your name?
Namae wa desu My name is...
Kudasai Please
Domo arigato Thank you
Doitashi Mashite You're Welcome
Nihongo Hanashimasu ka Do you speak Japanese?
Hai, hanashimasu Yes, I speak it
eei, hanashimasu No, I don't speak it
Eigo hanashimasu ka Do you speak English?
Hai Yes
Lie No
Sayonara Good Bye
What are the 4 islands of Japan Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, Kyoshu
What 2 bodies of water surround Japan Pacific Ocean and Sea of Japan
Japan's capitol Tokyo
Only used for Japanese words, Dividing words into syllables Hiragana
Used only foreign based words, not Japanese origin, syllabry KataKana
Our alphabet Ramaji
Chinese ideogram for a word, character shows one word. There are between 8,000-40,000 symbols/ characters Kanji
All writing styles are... a vertical writing process.
Created by: kburnett20