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Stack #192939

what happens to the DNA when the cell splits? the DNA splits and produces two identical copies of the first DNA.
4 building blocks of DNA adenine thymine guanine cytosine made up of nucleic acids
What does DNA stand for? Deoxyribonucleic acid
What does deoxyribonucleic acid mean? de-decrease oxy-oxygen ribo-sugar nucleic acid- molecule
DNA molecule, secret of life, has a spiral shape, called double helix, made of nucleic acids. is in every cell of every living thing.
gene length of DNA code letters that carries the instructions to make a protein
protein basic components of our bodies. enzymes are made up of them.
who were jim watson and francis crick scientists.
how many different types of amino acids are there 20
how many letters do there need to be to have enough combinations for 20 amino acids? 3
purines the shape of the letters A and G
pyrimidines the shape of the letters T and C
What letter does A match with T
What letter does G match with C
When was DNA discovered? 1950's
DNA is made in what part of the cell? nucleus
What is Hemoglobin? protein made from DNA. carries the oxygen in the red blood cells
how is protein made? mRNA transcribed from DNA. mRNA exits through nuclear pore. tRNA binds with amino acid. loaded tRNA binds mRNA at ribosome. polypeptide chain grows.Completed protein is used by cell or packaged and exported.
polypeptide chain a chain of amino acids that turns into protein
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