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8th Grade Final Test

Laura Cardona made this :) 5/18/15

Define mass the amount of matter in an object
Define weight the amount of gravitational pull on an object.
Define density how compact something is; compactness
What is the density of water? 1
What is the density of oil? 0.8, less than 1
If you need to dissolve 5g of sugar in water, how could you increase the speed at which it dissolves? Stirring it which increases the temperature/ heats it up causing it to dissolve faster.
What factors lead to why you would use a model instead of doing an experiment? too big, too small, too fast, too slow, too dangerous
For any given experiment, how would you improve the accuracy? repeat it
Is the following a chemical or physical property: flammable chemical property
Is the following a chemical or physical property: blue color physical property
Is the following a chemical or physical property: reacts with acid chemical property
Is the following a chemical or physical property: can rust chemical property
Is the following a chemical or physical property: can melt physical property
How do the particles move in a solid? vibrating
How do the particles move in a liquid? free to move, takes shape of where it is being contained: moves faster than a solid.
How many atoms are in a sugar molecule: C₆H₁₂O₆? 24 atoms
Write a procedure to separate sand, sawdust, iron filings, salt, and styrofoam? iron filings: magnetic, styrofoam: balloon rubbed on head, sawdust: fill with water and sawdust will float to the top, water will then evaporate so you have to filter out the sand.
What is the law of conservation of mass? Mass cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change forms.
How are kinetic and potential energy related when moving from point A to point B on a roller coaster? when moving from point A to point B, potential energy decreases as the kinetic energy increases.
What slows down pendulums and roller coasters? friction
Name 4 different types of waves: ocean, light, sound, seismic
What is the frequency of a wave? how often it vibrates
What is the relationship between pitch and frequency? Pitch and frequency mean the same thing except one is used in music (pitch) and the other is used in science (frequency)
Describe absorption the wave/energy is pulled/put in. (absorbed)
Describe reflection waves are bounced back
Describe refraction waves are bent
What is a terrestrial planet's composition? it is rocky
What is a jovian planet's composition? made of gas
Why do we have phases of the moon? half of the moon is always lit up, but because it orbits the earth, our perspective of the lit half changes.
What makes a planet habitable? liquid water
How do we find new planets in our galaxy? We look at the light coming from a star, if it decreases, a planet has gone in front of it.
Why do we have seasons? The earth is tilted as it revolves around the sun causing the length of day to change. The tilt means the 2 hemispheres get different amounts of sunlight resulting in longer/shorter days. A longer day means a warmer season.
List in order by size(smallest to largest): galaxy, star, planet, atom, solar system, molecule, mineral, universe, rock, moon. atom, molecule, mineral, rock, moon, planet, star, solar system, galaxy, universe.
Why does the moon have more craters than earth? earth has an atmosphere, erosion, and is mostly water
On a clear, beautiful, sunny day, how do you know bad weather is on the way? pressure drops
Name a non renewable resource: gas, coal, oil, etc
Name a renewable resource: hydro, solar, wind nuclear, geo thermal
How do humans positively affect ecosystems? give plants plenty or CO2.
What is the equation for photosynthesis? CO2 + H20 +light->O2 + sugar
What is the equation for cellular respiration? sugar + O2 ->CO2 +H2O +ATP
Can a colorblind female have a color blind son with a husband that is not color blind? Yes any son born has a 100% chance of being colorblind
Is colorblindness dominant or recessive? Recessive because you can carry it without having it.
Where is the information for a human stored? DNA
Name 2 communicable diseases ebola, AIDs
Name 2 non-communicable diseases cancer, colorblindness
What is the function of decomposers in an ecosystem? breakdown dead stuff into useful form (soil).
How do the orbits of asteroids and comets differ? Asteroids orbit closer and circular, Comets orbit further away and in an elliptical orbit.
What happens to the polar ice caps on Mars when they disappear? CO2 sublimates