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test retake- unit 9

unit 9 test

eutrophication too many nutrients in a stream or river causes algal booms and loss of oxygen.
aquifer depletion when wells dry up
sedimentation the number one pollutant in NC, comes from runoff from construction sites
el nino a disruption in the ocean-atmosphere system in the tropical pacific having important consequences for weather around the globe (results in wind in the equator slowing down).
up as the porosity of a rock goes up, permeability goes ____
estuary as the porosity of a rock goes up, permeability goes ____
watershed all the land that drains into a stream that finally drains into a drainage basin
arsenic a toxic element used to preserve wood or found in groundwater, may cause death
aquifer a permeable layer of rock and sediment that stores and carries groundwater.
sodium and pottasium the 2 most abundant elements in salt water.
infiltration the process of water being absorbed into the ground
30% land makes up ___ of earth's surface
aquiclude a relatively impermeable rock that does not store water.
upwelling a bringing up of cold, nutrient-rich water
salinity the amount of salt given per volume of water
wetlands an area where the water table is above the land surface, like ponds and marshes
gulf stream the current that runs alongside the coast of NC and warms up great britain.
1.74% ___ of all the water is tied up in glaciers
coriolis effect the movement of air or water clockwise in the northern hemisphere
safe drinking water act the name of the legislation designed to safeguard our drinking water
salt water intrusion when groundwater is depleted and the water is replaced with ocean water
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