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Japan an island in Asia off the coast of China
China a large empire, which is now communist, that traded with Japan and Korea and took ideas from India as well.
Korea a penninsula extending from the eastern-most side of Asia that traded with Japan
India a country in the southern-most part of asia that is the origin of Buddhism
Buddhism A religon where the goal is to follow the four nodle truths and eightfold path which was made by the Buddha. In Japan he is considered a magical protector.
Prince Shotoku The man who unified most of Japan and helped start the diffusion with other parts of Asia
Uji Clans that ruled parts of Japan
pagodas a temple design made in China that has 3,5,7, or 9 roofs(Buddhism)
Religon The beliefs of a culture which may or may not center around a deity(s) whith guidelines on how to live
Government The rulers of a country that make laws, court trials, law enforcement, cultural harmony, etc.
Art and Architechure the design of buildings and expressment of emotions through artifacts like painting, sculptures, etc.
Technology the tools and strategies that a culture uses to make life easier(inventions, innovations)
Social Structure the ranks of people in a country which may determine payment, status, and priveleges
System of writing The symbols/grammer use in a culture to communicate by writing
Cultural Diffusion When one culture is spread and mixied into other culures by trade, conquering, etc.
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