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Athenaze 18a-20b

Athenaze Chapters 18a-20b

ἀγνοέω I do not know
αἷμα, αἵματος, τό blood
ἁμαρτάνω I make a mistake; sin
ἀναπαύομαι I rest
ἀνατίθημι I set up, dedicate
ἀνίστημι I stand up (transitive or intransitive)
ἄνω up, upwards
ἀποδίδωμι I pay, pay back
ἀρέσκει, ἀρέσει, ἤρεσε + dat. it is pleasing (to)
ἀσφαλής, ἀσφαλές safe
ἀφίημι I throw away, send away; forgive
βαθύς, βαθεῖα, βαθύ deep
γελάω, γελήσομαι I laugh
γνώμη, γνώμης, ἡ opinion; judgment; intention; purpose
δείκνυμι, δείξω, ἔδειξα, δέδειχα, δέδειγμαι, ἐδείχθην I show
δεινός, -ή, -όν (+inf.) clever, skilled (at _____ing); terrible
δειπνέω I dine
δῆλόν ἐστιν it is clear (that)
δῆλος, -η, -ον clear
δήπου surely
διά + acc. on account of, because of
δίδωμι, δώσω, ἔδωκα, δέδωκα, δέδομαι, ἐδόθην I give
διότι because
ἐλάα, ἐλάας, ἡ olive tree; olive
ἔνιοι, ἔνιαι, ἔνια some
ἐντός + gen. within
ἐντυγχάνω + dat. I meet
ἐξαίφνης suddenly
ἔξω + gen. outside
ἐπί + dat. (of price) for
ἐπί + gen. toward, in the direction of; upon
ἐπιστρατεύω I march against, attack
ἔρημος, -ον deserted
ἐσθίω, ἔδομαι, ἔφαγον, ἐδήδοκα I eat
εὐμενής, -ές kindly
ἐφίημι + ἐπί + acc. I throw at
ἐχθρός, -ά, -όν enemy, hateful, hostile
ἐχθρός, -οῦ, ὁ enemy
ἡδέως gladly
ἥδιστα most gladly
θυσία, -α, ἡ sacrifice
ἵημι, ἥσω, ἧκα, εἶκα, εἷμαι, εἵθην I throw, send, release
ἵστημι, στήσω, ἔστην/ἔστησα, ἕστηκα, --------, ἐστάθην I (cause to) stand; I (cause to) stop
καθίστημι I appoint; I put into a state of
καθοράω I look down on
κάτω down; below
κινέω I move
κρατέω (+ gen.) I have power over
κράτος, κράτους, τό power
κρύπτω I hide
λανθάνω, λήσω, ἔλαθον, λέληθα I escape the notice of x (acc.); I do x (part.) with out x (acc.) noticing
λέων, λέοντος, ὁ lion
λίθινος, -η, -ον of stone, of rock
μᾶλλον more, rather
μᾶλλον ἢ rather than
μέγεθος, μεγέθους, τό size
μέντοι certainly, however
μή don't; not
νοστέω to return (home)
νόστος, -ου, ὁ return (home)
οἰκτίρω I pity
ὀργή, ὀργῆς, ἡ anger
ὀρθῶς γιγνώσκω I am right
οὔκουν certainly not
πάλαι of old, long ago
πάλαι εἰσίν they have been for a long time now
παραδίδωμι I hand over; give
παραινέω I advise
παρέρχομαι I pass by; go to
πεδίον, πεδίου, τό plain
περί + gen. concerning; (sometimes) around
ποιμήν, ποιμένος, ὁ shepherd
πολύ much, very, a lot
πρᾶγμα, πράγματος, τό thing, matter; (plur.) things, politics
πῶς ἔχει τὰ πράγματα how are things?
σεμνός, -ή, -όν holy; august; to be revered; worthy of respect; honorable
σημαίνω I show
συλλέγω I gather
συνίημι I understand
προέρχομαι I go forward, advance
τέκνον, -ου, τό child
τήμερον / σήμερον today
τίθημι, θήσω, ἔθηκα, τέθηκα, τέθειμαι, ἐτέθην I place
τίνα γνώμην ἔχεις; What do you think?
τολμάω I dare
τόπος, τόπου, ὁ place
τραχύς, τραχεῖα, τραχύ rough
τρέχω, δραμοῦμαι, ἔδραμον, δεδράμηκα I run
ὑγιής, ὑγιές healthy
ὕλη, ὕλης, ἡ forest, woods
ὑπέρ + acc. over, above
ὕπνος, ὕπνου, ὁ sleep
φιλαίτατος, -η, -ον dearest
φιλαίτερος, -α, -ον dearer
φόβος, φόβου, ὁ fear
χάρις, χάριτος, ἡ favor, grace; thanks
χάριν ἀποδίδωμι I give thanks
χρήματα, χρημάτων, τά things; goods; money
ὦμος, ὤμου, ὁ shoulder
Created by: ejkotynski



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