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Golden Fleece

Jason of Iolcus leader of the Argonauts
Pelias Jason's evil uncle who sent him to fetch the golden fleece
Argo ship of Jason
Argonauts heroes who sailed in quest of the Golden Fleece
Hellespont Phixus' sister
Aeetes King of Colchis, father of Medea
Calais and Zetes sons of the north wind
Harpies birds' with women's heads
Medea sorceress, wife of Jason
Circe great sorceress, daughter of Helios
Sirens singing maidens who lured sailors to their death
Wandering Rocks, Charybdis, Scylla mother who swallowed ships mother of the straits of Messina
Jason Jason is a guy who is handsome, strong, and well breed. Julius Ceaser raised him
How did Jason lose his sandal? He lost his sandal by carrying Hera and she was so heavy when he sank his shoe got stuck
What was the Golden Fleece, and why did Jason set out to claim it? The golden fleece is the coat of the flying ram, hung in Colchis. Jason wanted to claim it because his uncle told him too
Contrast Harpies and Sirens Harpies are birds with women heads but sirens look like people.
What did the gods consider to be the worst crime a mortal could commit? murder a relative
How did Jason Die? What became of Medea? The piece of oak given by Athena fell off of the pier and killed him. She went away in a chariot.
What became of the Golden Fleece? Hung in the temple of Apollo
Created by: Emma Conner
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