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Unit 4: Forensics

Which lab did we use wells to separate DNA fragments? Gel Electrophoresis
The smaller the DNA fragment the __________________ the fragment travels in the gel. farther
The inks on the chromatography paper separated into different colors. What caused this reaction? different solubility
What should the scientist do to confirm her results? retest
What is the function of the kidney? filter waste from blood
Why do cells carry out different functions? they express different genes
Vomiting, fever, and diarrhea are all symptoms of what bacteria infection? E.Coli
What body systems are most affected when a person shows symptoms of vomiting and cramps? digestive and muscular
Why does the blue ink in the gel chromatography lab move toward the negative end of the gel? blue ink is positively charged
Why is a control needed in a lab? to know what we are looking for
How can you tell if protein is present in urine? cloudy or foamy
What color will urine be if there are high levels of glucose? clear
What body system do the kidneys belong? urinary
What does counterfeit mean? something fake that is passed off as real
Why does the sample during the microarray turn pink when it is positive for salmonella? mRNA with a fluorescent tag hybridizes with the single stranded DNA on the slide
Name the match to thymine. adenine
What does complementary mean? matches the base pairs on the DNA strand
What is the normal pH range for a healthy person's urine? 4.8-6
What can you tell about a person with a high level of glucose in their urine? diabetes
What would you expect to find in the urine of a person with kidney disease? protein
What color urine be if the person is healthy? light yellow
What two labs could be used to distinguish real money from counterfeit? paper and gel chromatography
What lab could be used to find contaminated ingredients in salami? microarray
Created by: bumberns