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Care of Children

Nursing for children

Impact of hospitalization- Toddler Experience separation anxiety Exhibit an intense reaction to any procedure Behavior can regress
Impact of hospitalization- Infant Experience stranger anxiety (6-18 months) Physical behavior and expressions of discomfort Experience sleep deprivation due to strange noises,devices and procedures
Impact of hospitalization-Preschool Experience separation anxiety Harbor fears of bodily harm Believe illness/hospitalization are a punishment
Impact of hospitalization-School age child Fears loss of control Seeks information as a way to maintain a sense of control Sense when not being told the truth Experience stress related to separation from peers and regular routine
Impact of hospitalization-Adolescent Develops body image disturbances Attempts to maintain composure but embarrassed about losing control Feelings of isolation from peers Worries about outcome/impact on school or activities Might not adhere to treatments/medication regimen
Nursing intervention for Hospitalization-Toddler Encourage autonomy by offering choices
Nursing intervention for Hospitalization-Preschooler Validate the child's fears and concerns
Nursing intervention for Hospitalization-School Age Maintain a normal routine
Nursing intervention for Hospitalization-Adolescent Provide factual information
FLACC- Face, Legs, Activity, Cry, Consolability Pain assessment tool for 2 months-7years
FACES- Uses a diagram of six faces Pain assessment tool for 3 years and older
Oucher- Pain rated on a scale of 0 to 5 using six photographs Pain assessment tool for 3 - 13 years
Numeric Scale- Pain rated from 0 -10 Pain assessment tool for 5 years and older
Children's pain checklist: vocal, social, facial, activity, body/ limbs, and physiological (observable behaviors) Pain assessment tool for non-communicating children
Nursing interventions: Engage both the child and parent, Be firm and direct about expected behavior, Complete data collection as quickly as possible. Use a calm voice, Reduce environmental stimuli, Limit the people in the room. Actions taken for an uncooperative child
Greenstick Fracture Incomplete fracture of bone
Transverse Fracture Break straight across the bone
Stress fracture tiny cracks in the bone
Closed or simple fracture fracture occur w/o a break in the skin
Compound (Open) fracture fracture occurs with an open wound and bone protruding
Complicated fracture fracture results in damage to other organs or tissues
Incomplete fracture bone fragments are still attached
Elevate cast____________for the first 24- 48 hrs to __________. above heart : prevent swelling
Compartment Syndrome s/s Increased pain w/o relief from analgesics, Intense pain when passively moved, numbness, pulselessness distal to fracture, pallor, warm shiny skin at site, inability to move digits
Created by: alishaann