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Reproduction Test

How many sperm are needed to fertilize the egg? 1
Sex cells from a human female contain how many chromosomes? 23
Where is sperm produced? Testes
XX sex chromosomes is what sex baby? Female
How many chromosomes are there in a fertilized egg? 46
Which parent is responsible for the sex of the child? Father
Where does fertilization occur? Fallopian tube
The egg is released by what organ? Ovary
Where does the fertilized egg implant and grow? Uterus
What is the male hormone? Testosterone
What was attached to your belly button when you were still in the womb? Umbilical cord
What is the purpose of the menstrual cycle? Ovulation which allows reproduction
What is the correct order of development after fertilization? Zygote, Embryo, Fetus, Infant
Why does the womb thicken during the menstrual cycle? To prepare for fertilization
What is the union of a sperm and an egg called? Fertilization
What are testes found within? Scrotum
The egg travels from the ovary to the uterus through the what? Fallopian tube
What is the embryo cushioned by? Amniotic fluid
What is the path the sperm takes through the male reproductive system? Testes, epididymus, vas deferens, urethra
Where do eggs develop and mature? Ovaries
What is the path the egg takes during ovulation? Ovary, fallopian tube, uterus, cervix, vagina
What is the cerebrum? The largest part of your brain and where you think
What is the medulla? Connects to your spinal cord and controls all of your involuntary processes
What is the cerebellum? It processes sensory information and controls balance and coordination
What is the spinal cord? It connects mostly all parts of the body to the brain and it forms the central nervous system; collection of axons and nerves; connects to the brain
What are receptors? They respond to stimulus and transmit a signal to a sensory nerve
What is the peripheral nervous system? Outside the brain and spinal cord
What is the central nervous system? The brain and spinal cord
What are motor neurons? Impulses that pass from your brain or spinal cord to muscles or glands
What are sensory neurons? They transmit sensory information
What is an impulse? A sudden strong and unreflective urge or desire to act
What is synapse? A gap between two nerve cells or neurons
What hormone does the adrenal gland produce? Flight/ fight response
What does the thymus gland do? Fights infections
What does the pancreas do? Produces insulin and regulates blood sugar
What does the parathyroid gland do? PTH; regulates the amount of calcium
What do the ovaries produce and do? Produce estrogen; are the main female reproductive organ; control female characteristics
What do the testes produce and do? Produce testosterone; are the male reproductive cell; control male characteristics
What are the hormones? Chemical messengers
What do the thyroid produce and do? Produce HGH; control metabolism
What does the pituitary gland do? Regulates skeletal system; controls other glands
What do glands do? Produce and release hormones
What does the endocrine system do? System of cells and glands that secretes hormones that regulate growth, sexual development, and homeostasis
What is the part of the brain that controls balance and coordination? Cerebellum
What is the control center of the body; part of the CNS? Brain
What is the largest part of the brain; memory, reasoning, personality? Cerebrum
What is protected by the spine and receives messages from the brain and body? Spinal cord
What is the nervous system that is made of nerves and leaves from the spinal cord? Peripheral nervous system
What is the scientific name for nerve cells? Neuron
What are specialized cells that detect changes inside and outside the body called? Receptors
What is the nervous system made up of the brain and spinal cord? Central nervous system
What is an electrical message that travels through a neuron? Impulse
What is a quick involuntary response to a stimulus? Reflex
What is the part of the brain that controls involuntary actions; breathing and heart beat? Medulla
What comes from the spinal cord in pairs about the diameter of the thumb? Nerves
What is the largest part of the brain that controls sneezing, blinking, and breathing? Cerebrum
What system sends electrical impulse messages? Nervous system
What part of the brain has 2 hemispheres? Cerebrum
What are actions we have no control over? Involuntary actions
What part of your brain controls sneezing, breathing, and blinking? Cerebrum
How long would all of you nerves reach? 47 miles
Where does the impulse change into chemical? Synapse
What side of your brain is dominant if you are right footed? Left side
What neurons are responsible for muscle movement? Motor neurons
What order does a reflex occur in Sensory neuron-- spinal cord-- motor neuron
What helps your body fight disease? Thymus
What increases the rate at which you use energy? Thyroid
What regulates blood sugar levels? Pancreas
What produces hormones involved in reproduction in males? Testes
What produces hormones involved in reproduction in females? Ovaries
What helps the body respond to stress? Adrenal gland
What regulates calcium levels? Parathyroid gland
What stimulates skeletal growth? Pituitary gland
What system controls body functions such as growth and sexual development? Endocrine system
What does glucose convert into in the liver? Glycogen
What is the fight or flight hormone that is produced by your adrenal gland? Epinephrine
What turn endocrine glands on and off? Feedback controls
What is a group of cells that make special chemicals for your body called? Glands
What are chemical messengers produced by the endocrine glands called? Hormones
What hormone does the pancreas produce? Insulin
What part of the brain controls balance? Cerebellum
What part of the brain controls smoothness of movement? Cerebellum
What part of the brain controls artistic and mathematical ability? Cerebrum
What part of the brain controls learning and judgement? Cerebrum
What part of the brain controls voluntary movemens? Cerebrum
What part of the brain controls breathing? Medulla
What part of the brain cotnrols attitudes and emoions? Cerebrum
What part of the brain controls heartbeat and blood pressure? Medulla
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